Sand, Galloping and Holey Tights

Today was my first beach ride with my regular stables. It was brilliant. I had one of the steady horses, he is an old hand at beach rides having been previously stabled near the beach.

Once we were all saddled up and on, it was off to do a warm up followed by a wee canter circle or two to feel if your stirrups were ok then… we were off.

The feeling is difficult to describe when you are racing along a beach with friends on horses you trust. A sea with the odd mad surfer being tossed about in it to our right and patches of blue sky with sand blowing across the beaches in waves.Β  It is exhilarating and part of why we all ride.

I can’t wait for my next chance to do this. At one point during one of the gallops I looked around at us and realised that ‘Yes I can ride’, after my recent crisis of confidence it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon after my birthday!

On another note it is only three weeks since I signed up for the Wartime Wardrobe challenge and I have spent eight of my sixty six coupons. I have bought new running tights to replace the ones with holes in and a vest top for the gym (or running if we get a summer this year). I deliberately chose the running leggings made from sustainable, cruelty-free merino wool but I still feel like I need more of the ‘make do and mend’ mentality.

So in order to try and foster that I am planning to patch my old running tights, it might not work but better to give it a try than not. I will let you know how the patching goes, I may melt the running tights or destroy the iron but hey it’s not like I iron much anyway!


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