Wartime Wardrobe Challenge

So I mentioned the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge (WWC) in my last post and I thought it might be good to give a little more info on what it is and why I signed up.

The challenge was created by Nik (http://www.littlehouseintown.co.uk/) and Meg (http://thedoublelifeofmrsm.wordpress.com/) and I stumbled across it by accident mid-way through January. I love a clothing challenge to help me try and focus my principles, this one will also help me to learn more about these principles and hopefully inspire me further.

WWC is based upon the rationing system that was in place in the UK during WWII. Meg & Nik have updated it for the 21st Century by putting a sustainable/ethical bent on the rationing. You can read a introduction to the challenge here (http://www.littlehouseintown.co.uk/2012/12/introducing-the-wartime-wardrobe-challenge-2013/).

Basically it boils down to having 66 clothing coupons to last the year. Different items cost different amounts of coupons and a coupon premium is charged where an item is not sustainable material. Vintage and second hand items are coupon-free.

So why did I sign up to this challenge? Well ethical and sustainable clothing is an area that I am particularly interested in. Last year during Fair Trade fortnight I wore an item of ethical clothing each day and asked friends and family to try and guess which it was (come to think of it that was likely to be annoying). I was trying to show that ethical clothing is different to how some people perceive it. After that I resolved to only buy ethical clothing for a year, I failed in this resolution, try as I might ethical jodphurs are hard to come by!

Next challenge then to try and get myself back on track came in the summer – The 6 Items Challenge (http://thesixitemschallenge.wordpress.com/). This one was tough but enjoyable. Luckily for me sporting gear was exempt from this challenge otherwise I was going to get some strange looks at the office! The 6 Items Challenge challenges you to wear only 6 items of clothing for a month. It was great to make me realise how one outfit can be worn so many different ways with changing accessorises. It also showed me that most people don’t realise that you are wearing the same 6 items, people don’t notice things as much as we think they do!

And so to WWC. Well new year and I hoped new start with my finances and tackling my ever expanding wardrobe. However, the lure of the sales bargains were too much for me to resist and halfway through January I found myself with more money on my credit card and more unethical, unsustainable clothing in my wardrobe.

Clothes and dr martens
Purchases from the sales, note the tags still on some!

Feeling unhappy with myself I was looking on ethical clothing blogs for inspiration when I chanced on WWC. Fate? I reckon so…even though I don’t believe in it 🙂

So at the end of my first month I have used 8 coupons (all sportswear although I have a slight addiction to buying sportswear so I have to keep that in check). However, I feel more focused and haven’t watched my bank account hemorrhage money….yet. I will post updates on WWC at least each month. I also hope to try and look into the idea of ethical sportswear and supply some reviews of the items I purchase. Wish me luck!

February 9th

WWC: coupons left – 58/66

Running: Miles run so far this week – 9


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