Well it was inevitable..

So given I started a blog about horse riding I practically invited the fall I had today. As with everything horsey I do it did have a slight comedy element.

So I fell off. Not a bad fall at all but a frustrating one. I really felt like I had been handling the horse pretty well as he spooked, jumped about and tried to race off (as a self-confessed nervous rider it took a lot for me to grit my teeth and stay on). It did go to show me that I can become a little complacent, expecting the horses to behave because they usually do. Sometimes it feels like you learn more when something happens as opposed to the lessons where everything goes perfectly. However, I could have lived without punching myself in the nose as I fell off!

Today I am a little sore, mainly from checking the speed of a certain horse but I think also down to the ten mile run on Saturday. It was a tough one, full of hills and the first time in a while I have run ten miles. I have been slightly ill this week, just a sore throat and cold but enough to take all my energy so to complete that run felt like an achievement. I didn’t have my usual carbohydrate powder pre-run and I definitely regretted that, I also realised that the energy chews I have been using lately have definitely been helping. It is always nice to have confirmation what you are doing is helping. Not so great to have a headache and nausea for Saturday afternoon because you forgot though!

A quick WWC update. My first eBay purchase has arrived. I had thought about buying a skirt before Christmas but told myself it was too expensive and not from one of the ethical companies I usually go for. I used the idea of the recycling aspect of eBay to happily spend a hour looking at all the things other people no longer want, then I saw a skirt. Brand new,with tags for a fraction of the price and I am giving it a good home!

Updates for this week:

Run – 12 miles (I have been ill)

WWC coupons left – 58

Horses I have fallen off – 1

M&S walnut whips eaten to make myself feel better after the fall – 2 (purely medicinal)


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