Time to get back in the saddle…

The first ride after a fall is usually the time where you slightly question yourself, or at least I do. I think it is probably normal to feel a little nervous, it was more on the way to the stables that I felt a bit of nerves kick in. Once I was there it just felt like any other lesson, finding out if we were in the school or out and who was riding who. I wasn’t given P this time although he was in the lesson. I’m not sure how I would have felt but since he is type of horse that feels when a rider is tense it was best for them not to take the risk.

It was a good lesson, as always plenty for me to work on from it. I need to work on getting any of the horses I am on properly warmed up, the first exercise trotting circles around poles was very laboured for my pony and that was my fault for not getting her moving enough. As always her canter was beautiful, she is the fastest in the yard in the school – easily outpacing the larger horses. I need to be quicker to react than I was today as a couple of times she went back to trot when I should have been alert enough to catch her.

All in all a successful lesson I feel, I didn’t tense up and I did enjoy myself. I have a private lesson booked for Friday as I am running a race on Sunday so expect a post about that lesson, they are normally good for giving me at least ten new things to work on.

On the running front I had a terrible nine mile run yesterday although the hot chocolate to follow was great. It taught me once again that with 5 hours sleep and not enough water I am unlikely to be able to run far. That was my last long run before the first race of the year next weekend, I am looking forward to it although wish I felt fitter.

On the WWC front I was quite pleased with myself when I managed to throw together a passable Cruella De Vil outfit on Friday night for for a friend’s birthday. Normally I would have thought about what to buy to make the outfit, this time I used fake fur left over from my homemade panda costume at Halloween and hunted out the gloves from a cat costume from years ago. It is a pity there are no pictures but that outfit will definitely be used again. Shame the white hair paint didn’t brush out, I got a few strange looks on Saturday morning during the run!

Miles run this week – 20

WWC coupons left – 58

Normal hair colour restored – 1


2 thoughts on “Time to get back in the saddle…”

  1. Congrats on getting back on after your fall, I know exactly the feeling. I’m having my first horse riding lesson in 4yrs on Friday and despite being nervous, I’m very excited! I can’t wait to get cantering again. Glad that you are getting on well with the WWC – I made my first purchases of the year this week – one of which was my wedding dress! Eek! xx

    1. That’s fantastic that you are taking up horse riding again, I love it even with my falling. You will be cantering before you know it. I have only been back doing it for the last five years and since then I have had experiences I would never had dreamed of. Galloping on beaches has to be one of my favourite ways to unwind!
      Well done on the WWC front, I reckon a wedding dress is an acceptable use of coupons πŸ™‚ xx

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