Kit Review – Icebreaker Pace Leggings

This is my first product review so feedback would be appreciated, thanks.

I bought these leggings as they are made from merino wool, a more sustainable fabric than the usual running leggings I buy. I chose to branch out as part of the WWC to try to improve my running wardrobe’s sustainability credentials.

The first thing I noticed was how comfortable these leggings are and considering I have been been wearing compression leggings a lot recently they were also quick to change into (always useful to me I am invariably running late at the minute).

I wore them on a short lunchtime run at work this week. The fabric was a little scratchy in comparison to other running leggings I owe, I could tell they were made of wool. Hopefully they will soften with washing and wearing.

However, I did find that these leggings did not hold their shape or stay up during my run. I had to constantly pull them up, both at the waistband and on the thighs. This could be partly down to the soft fabric waistband but I am not sure.

It was distracting throughout the run and when I stopped to stretch I discovered the leggings had gone baggy in the crotch area, which is not a flattering look.

Overall I was not impressed with these leggings for running. I also wore the leggings to Pilates where the leggings did fare better. The lack of pockets on these leggings – frustrating on a run as I like somewhere to store my keys and money – means no zips digging into me while doing mat work.

I wouldn’t recommend these leggings for any hard physical activity but for toning, stretching and low-impact sports I think they are really comfortable.


*disclosure* The opinions expressed in this post are my own and I have not been paid for this review.


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