Sunday Lesson in the Sunshine (briefly)

Now I am going to post a proper race review later this week but I will tell you that the Deerstalker 5k this year was tougher than the previous time. There was snow, ice, a freezing river, an incident in the cargo net and so much mud I looked like I had fake tan on! It was brilliant, more to come on that though.

Now I know that I am not meant to have favourites at the stables but I do. I love riding most of the horses there as they are all quite different but Tx still stays as one of my favourites, a highland pony he isn’t big and can be lazy given half a chance but if you make him work with you then he is a dream.

I was back in my usual group lesson on a Sunday and it was great, I have really missed riding with them all. My group is very friendly and encouraging although we all have a laugh as well. After being in other groups and by myself I can see that my Sunday group is a great bunch to ride with. We were working constantly in open order on Sunday which was nice as it requires us all to ensure our horses are paying attention.

Tx requires to be chased into walking actively at the start of the lesson, if you do this he responds much more in the faster work. I have learnt this now and given the similarities in this aspect between Au and P I got him responding well. We moved into canter work quickly, Tx initially wouldn’t go into the corners well – it was a bit boggy so he was finding the corners difficult – I had to work through that on a couple of transitions. I even got encouraged to make him canter faster which was great, he really felt responsive and when we missed cantering on the A marker I was easily able to turn him in canter to do the exercise again.

I have to say I suffered a little in the lesson during the canter standing up in my stirrups due to my race the day before, I didn’t get any sympathy obviously. In fact I am sure my instructor decided to make us all do an extra four minutes of trot work standing up in the stirrups purely based on my complaints!

The lesson itself was great fun and I thought everyone did really well. All the horses seemed very responsive yesterday, I only got a little laziness during the cool down where Tx was determined to stop on the centre line ever time we passed through it – he was confident we were finished.

Miles run: 13

WWC Coupons left: 54




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