WWC March Round Up

So in March I spent four coupons on leggings from the ethical clothing company People Tree. As I mentioned previously the plain black pair I bought I put my hand straight through and when I returned them I was told that they were sold out in my size. I plumped for the dark leopard print ones instead and I am really pleased with them. A beautiful fit and lovely subtle pattern meaning I can wear them will be other patterned skirts, dresses and shorts without causing too much alarm. Not that clashing patterns has ever bothered me, I think my colleagues we certainly confused by the day I inadvertently wore stripes, leopard print and polka dots. ‘Interesting outfit’ was the comment I seemed to be getting a lot of that day!

I also mentioned last week I received 3 bags of clothes from my riding instructor. There were some great finds in there. However, I am a little worried that in my attempt at this challenge I am actually acquiring more clothing albeit from second hand sources which while coupon free perhaps not in the true spirit of the challenge? My passion lies in ethical clothing and trying to help affect change to others lives with my shopping habits, I think this is why I am uneasy about the amount of clothing I have been acquiring either through eBay or through the generous donations of others. Nik mentions the idea of vintage clothing in her blog here (http://www.littlehouseintown.co.uk/2013/04/wartime-wardrobe-challenge-march-review/) and provides a link to an interesting article which I would recommend reading

I hasten to add here that it was so nice of my instructor to give me these bags, I found a dress, two sarongs, a pair of shorts, some cropped trousers, a t shirt, a shrug and a polka dot skirt. Whew that list is pretty long.

So the plan for April? Well this month I would like to try to stop acquiring things! I am planning to use some coupons to buy a necessary but boring sports bra and if money allows I need new running trainers although I want to look into buying more sustainable footwear so I may hold off buying any until May. Also a few of my tops for work are looking increasingly shabby but okay as long as I dress them up with brooches and necklaces. As a question to any fellow ethical fashion enthusiasts what do you do with your clothing when it has become shapeless or the colour has gone? I used to put things I couldn’t donate to charity shops or swish in the recycling bins for clothing but after reading Lucy Siegle’s book the chapter regarding these recycling bins has made me question doing this but I don’t want them to go to landfill, any ideas?

An interesting side issue is that the more I discuss this challenge with people the more I find people asking questions and seeming genuinely curious about the ethical issues surrounding fashion. I particularly enjoyed the pub chat with a friend regarding fur but I do love a good debate!


2 thoughts on “WWC March Round Up”

  1. It’s fantastic that by participating in this challenge, you have got a conversation going about ethical issues in the industry!

    What to do with shapeless or faded clothes…? I recently dyed a garment – after much research about the environmental implications of the dye (more on that in another post). I don’t give shapeless clothes to the charity shop as they get enough poor quality things due to the fast fashion frenzy. Instead, I might relegate clothes to nightwear or allotment clothes and wear them to threads. (If they are made from natural fibres, I cut threadbare stuff up and pop it on the compost.) Or I salvage as much fabric as I can, sometimes for fun projects (e.g. turning a dress into a skirt or patches for a quilt), sometimes for practical stuff like teeshirts into dish clothes (I take the view that we all have enough textile in our house to never have to waste money on another dish cloth ever again)… If the fabric doesn’t lend itself to anything useful around the house or the compost heap, I donate the item to http://www.traid.org.uk/. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the advice that’s really helpful. I wouldn’t have thought of the compost idea for my natural fibres, brilliant! I look forward to the post on dyeing, I have a few items that would benefit from a freshen up. Learning a lot from this challenge already


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