St Andrews – Sun, Sand and 10k Racing

Finishing Time: 54 minutes 19 seconds

Finishing Place: 85th/150

No horse riding this weekend, which I missed but to make up for it a 30th birthday to celebrate (not mine I hasten to add that milestone has passed for me). My friend decided she wanted to run a race for her birthday, she enjoys running but due to injuries and illness she wasn’t able to run the 10k as she had planned and instead she ran the 5k. A couple of her friends who hadn’t run before joined her in the 5k and they all did brilliantly! I was so impressed. I had signed up for the 10k along with two of her other friends, both of whom are experienced road runners and one of them is very fast indeed.She finished as first female home, which was brilliant. We were all dressed in neon tutus with leg warmers and face paint on, I think a few of the other runners we were passing were more than slightly amused at our appearance. A great day out and everyone did so well, here is my review of the race itself.

It was the first time this running festival had been put on and certain aspects showed that. I don’t mind delays and when you seem to be permanently late these can help however not giving out much information about when you are planning on starting or why the delays were occurring led to me starting to feel a little antsy. There is a point where I just want to run. It ended up that we started at midday, not a great time to start a race. The 5k and 10k all started together which was fine but a little congested and did mean that people were running different paces and jostling each other slightly along the first stretch.

I was also unaware that so much of the 10k was going to be on sand, the first 600m and the final 2.5k were on the sand. I am not used to running on sand and could certainly feel that in my legs during the race and after! At this point I should say having the finish line on the sand is grand but please don’t put it on the soft sand meaning my sprint finish turned into a scrambling/falling motion which felt really unsteady.

Another teething issue was a lack of timing chips, this can happen at any race and they did tell us about this well in advance but still it is a little irritating and not for the first time I was happy I had my Garmin.

I am also not a fan of routes that are a back and forth, when we came off the beach we ran up the path and road for roughly 2k then back down the same path and road for 2.5k to then turn around and head back up again before turning on to the beach for the final 2.5k. It was quite a boring route but the beach had a lovely view and it was nice as I got to see girls I was there with who were all doing well.

I felt okay for most of the race, I was trying to run a tempo run where my kilometers were to get faster over the race. I didn’t manage it but I have only recently started to try and run these style of runs and I am finding pacing difficult. It was also very warm in comparison to recently. I started in long-sleeved top and finished in my team bambi vest top (first UK outing for the vest top). 8k was terrible time-wise but the rest of the race was fine with each kilometer within 15 seconds of each other. I think my feeling of pacing can only improve with more tempo runs and hopefully my fitness can improve along with it.

A real positive point to the race was that it was great to get the bottle with high5 tablets, bananas, sweets and water once we had finished. A little bit of a shame that they didn’t have it at the finish line as I could have really done with the water when I crossed the line.

Unfortunately due to sand getting in my shoes a large blister developed on my second toe during the race which was causing me a fair amount of pain by the end. However, the blister is healing and I am now in proper training for the seven hills challenge, wish me luck!

Miles run: 17.5

WWC Coupons left: 51 (I purchased a new sports bra)


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