WWC April Round Up

So it has taken me a little longer this month to write this post and partly it is down to the horrifying event in Dhaka. I doubt anyone could fail to feel nothing but sympathy and horror at the news reports and pictures on TV. But do I think most people associated their wardrobes with those images….no I don’t think they did. We see it more and more, the disconnection between what we have in front of us and how it is produced. I thought perhaps a small horsemeat moment might have occurred but given how little colleagues and friends have spoken about the building collapse I believe not. So what to do? Give up and accept we can’t make a large change alone? Well obviously with being part of the WWC I am never going to say that! Like many others I have signed petitions, shared through social media and talked to others about the price that is paid somewhere in the chain for fast fashion and cheap fashion. Ok, we might not change the world yet but if we can raise awareness we can start a process. I will put some links at the bottom of the page for the people tree petition and a couple of articles, once I am back in UK and at a computer.
So my coupon spending this month. Well it started ok, I got a pair of shoes, the ones in the picture above, I have desired since last September on eBay, second hand and in brilliant nick. Then I lost it slightly buying new running shoes but trail running shoes which are 5 coupons. I then realised that as I can’t wear them all the time – due to a lack of support in the shoe so I will need another pair or road shoes probably in June – another 5 coupons – and while the coupon spend is annoying it is more the fact that running shoes have to be some of the least sustainable footwear you can own. Also as other runners know when you wear shoes with support you need to replace them every few hundred miles as the supportive aspect wears out, that means that I have to budget more coupons later in the year!
So I have resolved to start on a mission – the rest of May and June are going to be spent looking at more sustainable clothing and footwear for running. I got a great starting point on Tuesday at a running workshop. I will keep that for a later post.
The WWC has also made me start to question whether I really want something or not. I finally ordered a striped dress I had my eye on by seasalt, when I got it I was disappointed. It is a nice piece of clothing but too shapeless and baggy in the back. Previously I would have kept it as it is a nice tunic but I don’t love it so back it goes. I didn’t think that I was bad previously with regard to my clothing as it was mainly ethical but the WWC has made me slow down with my consumption, making a case for purchasing items instead.
I have also been trying to wear different items of clothing instead of reaching for the tried and tested staple. For example I had a night out for a friend’s birthday and instead of wearing the usual top and shorts combo I wore a jade green dress that I previously wore to weddings dressed down with a denim shirt – a 70s original hand- me-down from my mum. That is going to be the theme for next month, the idea of borrowing clothing and hand-me-downs.

WWC coupons left: 38
Miles run: 20


2 thoughts on “WWC April Round Up”

  1. Steph, you sum it up very well. The “ugh” and “disgust” from people to the horse meat scandal was deafening, but apart from a week of big headlines, there has been a stunning lack of real indignation from public about the fate of garment workers in Dhaka. A fire in a Bangladeshi factory a week later barely even made the news feeds… Is an ethical supply chain a hopeless cause… Maybe, but like you, I cannot put my head in the sand.

    I empathise on the running front. My mileage is way down but I still go through running shoes. Somebody suggested Patagonia, Ethletic and Veja in response to one of my posts, but they don’t really work for me. After all, it is not just about finding a structured shoe, it is about finding the right one for our bodies (and as you know, it is not about the coolest colour this season).

    1. It is the apathy to it all that has really irked me but will keep talking to people about it all and hope that people start to listen more. Thanks for the tip to read franca’s blog entry about it all, really good and different aspects to think of.
      With running shoes it is hard but I have been looking into the minimalist footwear and the possibility of making the transition, definitely requires more investigation. At least I now feel I am navigating through the marketing nonsense!

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