A bit of an issue

Now I am well aware I am uncoordinated but I have been relatively lucky over the years and rarely had an injury that might make me pull out of a race. The last time that happened it was because a horse had stood on my foot.
I am pretty sure you all realise what is coming! I was doing one of my final reccie runs of Arthur’s seat for the 7 hills on Friday lunchtime. The pace was good,  I felt ok – given I had been out with colleagues drinking cocktails and gin & tonic this was impressive. We made our way up to pollock halls discussing best routes and idea of times, these guys I run with are much faster than me and this pushes me when I run with them.
We ran around some fences put up in the car park for building work and suddenly I felt my foot land on something unstable,  before I could do anything my ankle collapsed to the side and I fell down. I will be honest here and say I was a jessie and burst into tears. The guys I was running with were great, as were the builders. I had to hobble the mile back to the office but I kept it elevated, iced it and had it wrapped. I was sure it would ease and the 7 hills would be possible on the 16th. Well now it is the 9th, a week to go and my foot is swollen, painful and bruised.

I can’t give up quite yet, not after all the training and the tribulations of that training. Plus it just looks beautiful!


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