May WWC Round Up

So during May I had to deal with a new challenge, I had a holiday abroad, not only that but somewhere hot. Now I am sorted on the ski gear and woolly hat front, running gear – tons of that. Beach wear?? Hmmm not so much of that. Quite frankly that kind of stuff isn’t really my style so it seemed a bit strange to be looking in my wardrobe trying to decide what to pack.

Woolly hat not required!
Woolly hat not required!

I mentioned previously about finding a couple of sarongs and shorts in the charity bags my riding instructor gave me but when I tried on the shorts again they were slightly too tight, I have kept them because they are a nice fit and pattern. Next up swimwear, now I will be honest here and say that I had a perfectly serviceable swimming costume but that I wanted a different one. I wanted a bright colour and a nicer fit – I feel bad in a way for getting one as was clearly a want not a need and although I promised myself I would swim at least once a week when I got back that hasn’t materialised and now both swimming costumes are glaring accusingly at me whenever I open my underwear drawer. The other issue for me with swimwear is sizing, unfortunately I am largely limited to where I can get swimwear that will actually hold my chest in place not cause any embarrassing moments in the sea/pool. That meant that I spent £46 on a new swimming costume and used up 8 coupons in process. I am hoping that this feeling of guilt will spur me into swimming more so you never know in the long run it might help improve my fitness and I am all about that.

Beautiful but unnecessary

My guilt has also been increased by Nik and Franca who are both participating in this challenge and both have vintage swimsuits that look absolutely amazing, there really was no need for the purchase. It is a must do better mark for me!

Having used up 8 coupons and feelings of guilt abound due to the buying of a brand new garment with little to no information available about its origins I really didn’t want to get anything else new and this is where my family and friends stepped in. My mum lent me a tunic top and a pair of cropped jeans, and my friend who I was staying with in Egypt lent me some full length trousers after the mosquitos decided my ankles were the tastiest things around (seriously I still have red marks from the bites, it looks horrific). Between them this saved me a lot of coupons and unnecessary purchasing for a week long holiday. It did get me to thinking that it is a shame that we don’t lend our clothes more, when I was young I was often given hand-me downs from my sister as she is only two years older than me and I was happy about it, well most of the time. As I got older I found the items my mum had kept from the 70s and started borrowing them and frequently flatmates and I used to wander in and out of each other’s rooms looking for items of clothing for a night out. I have to say I really appreciated being lent clothes by my mate and my mum, it made kitting myself out for a holiday much more straight forward and I want to ‘pay it forward’! So if anyone needs a loan of something drop me a line 🙂

This shirt is older than me and looks 100x better!

Next month – errr could someone remind me I am on WWC  and also slap me each time I reach for the credit card? July needs to be a moratorium on any form of shopping, I will explain more in the June round up. Also to continue a theme I managed to borrow half an outfit for my dressage test and even had second hand jodhpurs to wear – I think you will agree I look sharp! I will be putting up a full post about the test later this week.

Don't we look smart? All smiles afterwards!
Don’t we look smart? All smiles afterwards!

Miles run: 0!!!! – I am not a happy bunny

Coupons Remaining: 14!!!!  (I am using half points for second hand but with tags but more about that next month)


4 thoughts on “May WWC Round Up”

  1. The swimsuit I referred to in the last post is not actually vintage, just vintage style, I bought it ages ago. I did now buy a second hand one though, because i really needed/wanted a machine washable one.

    Also i’m doing the same for the new with tags thing, it’s a good idea!

    1. Ahh sorry for my confusion over the swimsuits, good that you have a machine washable one now though and I am definitely going to have to start using them as I am currently only allowed to swim.

      Yeah I think it is good to count the new with tags as half but now my coupons left total is scaring me!

  2. Yes, you do indeed look very sharp! I’m sorry you didn’t get to wear your swimming costume on holiday, but I can relate; when I went on a sun-and-sand holiday I only managed an afternoon on the beach myself. I wanted to be off and about doing stuff.

    1. Thanks, I will have to be honest and say that’s the first time I have worn a shirt and tie since school – which is a long time ago now! I prefer being out and about on holiday too – roll on the next holiday definitely riding on that one!

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