7 Hills Challenge – A Guest Post

As you all know from my previous posts I was unable to run the 7 Hills Challenge on Sunday so I headed up Carlton Hill to cheer on my mates who were running it.

Me at the start of the 7 hills
Me at the start of the 7 hills

Since I was being petulant and in a huff 🙂 very kindly Lisa has provided me with a post for this race.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time, but by the morning of the Seven Hills race when the alarm clock went off at 6am, I wasn’t so sure.  Due to injury, Steph is stuck in trainers for all the wrong reasons, so this race was dedicated to her.  So thank you Steph for cajoling us to sign up for the seven hills, leading the way on training runs and for your cheerful farewells on the start line.

I’d promised myself that if I finished the race then I could buy myself a t-shirt and if I got a sub 3 hour time then I could have a doughnut (one of those cream filled fudge doughnuts that Greggs teases you with).  So much for that, I bought the t-shirt before the start of race!

The start gun went off, the first of my energy gels fell to the floor and off we went.  I made a new friend on the Royal Mile when we both got stopped by traffic and we stuck together and chatted away the Ks until Craiglockhart.

I shot up the bank at Craiglockhurt like my tail was on fire, thought that I smiled for the camera at the top, but looking at the photos on the website, apparently not:>  Felt pretty good at this point.

I was advised that a pair of gloves were a good idea to help scramble up the hills.  As it was a warm day I didn’t need them on for the whole race.  What to do?  Brainwave, stick them down my bra.  Don’t try to imagine it………..

Took an ‘individual’ route between Blackford and Arthur Seat – the allotments are far too over rated, but didn’t lose too much time.

Witnessed some interesting manoeuvres through the turn stile at Pollock and off up Arthur Seat I went.  By this point my quads were on fire and as I crawled up to the top I couldn’t care less about the rabbit poop.  If only I knew where those gloves went.

What was humbling was to see the women’s race for life, and all those people running for charity when I bet the vast majority of us seven hills folk did it for nothing more than personal gain.  Was wearing my lucky pink race vest, so I think most people thought I was in the Race for Life, but going in the wrong direction.

Anyway, nearly there, finish line in sight, but I think they kept moving backwards.  No chance of a sprint finish, but at least I didn’t vomit.

Thank you to my new friend Martin for the enjoyable run to Craiglockhart and to those people who pointed me in the right direction when I was standing in the middle of the road looking gormless and of course to Steph, who is already talking about the training for next year.

I finished in a miracle time of 2.17.29, came 9th out of 260 Challengers and was 2nd women, just a pity that I didn’t want that doughnut in the end.

Did it, got the t shirt??
Did it, got the t shirt??


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