June WWC

So June was a bit of a busy month for me. I got injured and have not been running since, some wee twats tried to steal my bike and damaged my back wheel so badly I need a new one, I tried a dressage test for the first time and I got a new job! So an interesting mix.

On to the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge round up though. Firstly I have been taking inspiration from Franca at Oranges And Apples for a while now over her charity shop finds and finally bit the bullet on a lovely sunny Sunday at the start of June went to the charity shops in Stockbridge for a look about with a mate. For me one of the inherent problems in second hand shopping is that I don’t have the time or patience for it – it is only because I cancelled my riding lesson to spend time with my friend that I was free that Sunday. But do you know what? Patience and a lazy Sunday combined to make it a lovely trip. I also came away with some lovely finds. A pair of tweed cropped trousers (brand new with tags so half the coupons), a purple vest top which is perfect for dressing up and a cream jersey shirt printed with birds which has gathered quite a few compliments – I think it might have prompted one of my friends to actually hit the charity shops.

I also thought that I needed some flat shoes for work and bid on some worn once shoes on eBay by my favourite brand. I also bid on some boots by the brand blowfish again worn once. I didn’t really expect to win both items but I did meaning that before I knew it I had two worn-once pairs of shoes winging their way towards me. Now I have to say that I was stunned by the quality of both pairs, due to my ankle injury wearing my favourite Irregular Choice heels have been out and to have a pair of their flats to wear at work, unfortunately they are a size smaller than advertised but I am in the process of stretching them. The blowfish boots fit like a glove I have wanted for about a year and a half.
I am now really being won over by second hand clothing, I am trying not to go too mad with eBay bidding and trawling the charity shops as I doubt I need that much more clothing and there are plenty of items that I see and think ‘oh that’s lovely I want that’ and for me I need to reduce my consumption even if it is of coupon-free second hand items. I am now thinking that I am going to go with a one in – one out method of shopping, if I want something then something else has to go. I am hoping that this will help me to look at the items I own more critically – does it suit me? Do I love it? Would someone else give the item a better home? I also hope to continue to support the businesses that are doing great ethical and sustainable work including People Tree, Finisterre and Rapanui – my money should be used to support businesses I believe in and I also want to spend time looking for new brands to support and shop through websites such as fashionconscience which do a great job of bringing many different brands together, including the smaller ones and giving a one-stop shop for ethical fashion which I think it a brilliant idea.

After discussing my coupon free purchases on to mention the coupon purchases – I think you may all be beginning to see that I have a little bit of a shopping problem. I really didn’t think I bought that much maybe a couple of things every couple of months but this challenge has really made me focus, having to count up the coupons is almost the equivalent of a wardrobe weight watchers and I am definitely seeing where those extra pounds are spent and why my wardrobe is getting increasinly full!

The first purchase to mention is some new leggings from a company who I think are amazing! Traidremade. I bought some psychedelic print leggings which are made from two different materials recycled from left over materials from other companies sewn together into panelled leggings, they are brilliant. I had order the red ones pictured online but was emailed to say they didn’t have any of those left and text me a picture of the ones below asking if I would like these ones. I love them and the customer service was brilliant, really friendly but efficient. The leggings arrived quickly and while they aren’t perhaps as stretchy as the one piece material leggings I own they are certainly more unique!
This month has been so busy that I think I am going to split out the sustainable exercise and transport aspect of this post into its own post. Basically my other purchase was some minimalist running shoes, bought before the injury and received afterwards. It was a palaver getting them but the company (New Balance) were great with customer service and even gave me a discount and free delivery due to the mess up with delivery. I have also been looking into the ideas of what to do with old sporting clothing so I think a separate post is justified, it is an area I am really interested in.

In the latter part of June I went shopping with my mum to help her pick out a dress for a family friend’s wedding. I am known within my family for not being shy over saying if something doesn’t suit and that I make decisions on buying things quickly – I can’t stand indecision on something as straight forward as clothing (this is probably something that contributes to my purchasing problem – I like it, I get it). Anyway as always when shopping with others and without any money/coupons to spare I immediately homed in on a dress, a nice bright one with a real summery vibe about it – it wasn’t by an ethical provider, in a colour I don’t own anything in and I was confident had 0% sustainable fabric in it. So what did I do? Try it on of course, then proceeded to suit it – I even had other random customers in the shop telling me it suited me. But I didn’t have the money or the coupons so I left without it, my mum got a beautiful dress that really suits her. When I wore my old green dress to the wedding, I didn’t implode or have people laugh at me in fact Mr Inelegant Horse Rider said I looked lovely. There is a lesson there for me. I really like the green dress and I am planning on wearing it more and more, probably eventually turning it into an everyday dress but that’s fine.

One big challenge completed – I did well and bought nothing at the Royal Highland Show, it is always typical that companies such as Joules do fantastic deals at these shows but I didn’t need anything and was happy to just help a friend look.

I also received this beautiful ring and scarf as belated birthday/Christmas presents from one of my best friends who was up visiting from London, she knows my tastes so well! She also left with about 3 bags full of clothes! Swishing and recycling are brilliant!

I thought it would be a good idea to use half coupon values for anything I pick up second hand but brand new with tags this means I now have just 14 coupons to last me the rest of the year (eep) and actually I am excited by this prospect instead of nervous, I have to be very careful and continue to focus on the sustainable aspect of my consumption. 5 of these coupons are also already earmarked for new running shoes towards autumn time, once I am able to run again meaning really I only have 9 left!

Miles run: 0 (sob, this is really difficult – heading to the physio next week)

Coupons Remaining: 14 (!)


2 thoughts on “June WWC”

  1. Sorry to hear about the running injury. I’m just getting back into running after an injury so I empathise with you.

    You’re absolutely right! The WWC is like a wardrobe version of WeightWatchers. I’m thinking about real needs and real wants. It’s also made me even more strict about things having to fit properly and flatter me. I’ve even invested in a slip to this end… I had not intended to ‘waste’ coupons on such an unglamourous, wartime-like purchase but it has actually turned out to be a real investment making the clothes I have so much more comfortable and elegant.

    Good luck with the remainder of the year!

    PS – I love your nails! Between gardening and learning the violin my nails are so short that most nail polish looks daft.

    1. Thanks for the empathy, it is really frustrating isn’t it? Hopefully on the mend now and with the words of the physio ringing in my ears I am trying to be sensible (a first time for everything).
      I think that purchase is definitely worth some coupons, some of mine have not been the investments they should have been! I reckon I will need the luck for the rest of the year but hey it wouldn’t be a challenge for me unless it made me think more.
      The nails were for a friend’s wedding but they were very pretty. Done by a salon where the lass who owns it sources products that are natural and not tested on animals, it is a lovely wee place. I would love to learn a musical instrument, good luck it is such a wonderful skill to have.

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