Why Do I run?

Aah running I love and hate you in equal measures.

So I went to the physio last week about my ankle as I thought I was about ready to start running again, a wiser soul than myself recommended I see the physio rather than just start so…that ended in me getting exercises, told not to run until I have full inflection in my ankle and getting taped up like some form of athlete. So I thought a post on why I run could be nice just now as I can’t run and I wanted to let everyone know it isn’t always about the aesthetics of the body.

As you are all aware I am a runner, not a fast runner, not a particularly good runner – I know everything I am meant to do but don’t always do it. The run following a curry was not a great idea nor was the run after  one too many alcoholic beverages – my running buddies pointed out they were getting drunk from the fumes I contest that but anyway….

So why do I run? I run because I enjoy it. It really is as simple as that. Running clears my mind; it takes away the distractions and stresses of everyday life. It is something so simple in many ways that if I feel down or angry I can pull on my running shoes and when I come back I feel that things are a little clearer.

I like the way I feel when I run, I feel strong and capable of anything. In races, I run against myself and in all honest sometimes against my friends. But at the end no matter what happens we cheer and hug, I have had low moments in races and the acts of support from total strangers have always touched me. Then there are all the times I wouldn’t have got round without my friends I made through running.

I enjoy pushing myself as hard as I can when running (at times) and love that feeling you get when you realise just what your body is capable of. I know there have been comments that the push it attitude isn’t the best but it works for some of us and I am one of them. I never want to wet myself during exercise or vomit because I pushed myself so hard, but yes I enjoy feeling like I gave something my all and my limbs are shaking. I enjoy getting faster times, I enjoy complaining about a hard hill session and I like eating a cake when I feel like it.

In short, running I miss you and I promise you even though I will hate every minute of those first runs – legs tired, lungs bursting and every part of your mind telling you to stop – I will persevere because I know that running is now just part of me. I am officially a runner!



2 thoughts on “Why Do I run?”

    1. Thanks, the ankle is improving all the time so fingers crossed it won’t be long now. I have to say I remember that chocolate cake was amazing!

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