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This Saturday the Salomon City Trail roadshow arrived in Edinburgh on its last stop. I had signed up to this wee workshop back in June prior to my injury and had almost forgotten all about it until my mate remind me and Salomon started to load my inbox with reminder emails.

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So what the roadshow/workshop all about? Well this little crew of people from Salomon, run4it and superfeet insoles have been travelling around various cities in the UK allowing runners to try out Salomon trainers then run some trails in the cities either with or without a guide. At the end of it all you hand back your borrowed shoes and get a 15% voucher for run4it and a free pair of Salomon socks.

We were registered for 10 o’clock, the first slot available and when we met in the car park at Holyrood then was already a small group of runners waiting to register. The weather was trying its best to dampen our spirits – windy, colder than it has been for a while and trying to rain – but it couldn’t dampen mine. I managed a 18 minute walk/run on Wednesday and the idea of getting back to running around the trails on Arthur’s Seat had me excited.

Registration was quick and easy then we got to pick our shoes with advice from the guys at Salomon.

Look at all the bright, beautiful trainers
Look at all the bright, beautiful trainers

I ended up going for the XR Crossmax 2. Mainly due to the fact that they are the most supportive ones and given the weakness of my feet and ankles I wasn’t about to try something different. It was also suggested I try the insoles so we pottered off there next to get those fitted. Again they recommended a supportive one. The idea of these insoles is to give your foot the 3D feeling that it would get running on ground rather than the flat insoles that come with your shoes normally. The insoles felt great for me, the shoes fitted nice and snugly with them and my foot felt more supported.

Try to ignore the stupid face I am making and look at the ace shoes!
Try to ignore the stupid face I am making and look at the ace shoes!

Then with Lisa all kitted up too, off we went. Now we run Arthur’s Seat all the time so we decided to use some of the trails we know around the back of the hill away from the tourists. We climbed up the hill, I did walk/run but did longer stints of running and it was great to be bounding about the hill and catching up with my mate. The plans for next year’s running are growing but I will fill you in later.

Going uphill
Going uphill

Disaster struck on the descent on the road, I slowed to walk and immediately went over on my ankle! The same one! The pain burst through my ankle and foot and all I thought was ‘oh for f@~! sake’ but after blinking away the welled up tears I found I could walk ok and within a few steps I could walk normally then began running again. It feels ok but I can certainly feel it more now than previously.

Back to the shoes though, I loved mine. The support was there for my foot yet all felt really natural – I think the insoles helped with that. I had great grip in them going up the hills and through the muddier parts and they also felt fine on the concrete pavements which is lucky as in Edinburgh as with most cities you generally have to run a mile or so on the pavements to get to the trails. I really like the ‘quick laces’ that Salomon do where you don’t tie them but rather have a slider that you use to tighten them then tuck away in a neat wee pocket on the tongue. The colour of the trainers was also great, which is important although it might not initially seem it – if you like your running shoes then it is whole lot easier on those cold, dreich mornings when the bed is calling you back into it to get out and run. Maybe that’s just me but I am a shoe person πŸ™‚

My mate decided to give the Speedcross a shot as well as the Sense Mantra. She felt the Sense Mantra were pretty hard on her feet and with their natural running styling and low heel drop (something she doesn’t normal run in) they recommended she try out the SpeedcrossΒ too. Well the Speedcross were a hit for her, they felt like she ‘was wearing a sock’, so comfortable.

What do you think? I reckon she likes them
What do you think? I reckon she likes them

All in all a great morning, we with the exception of me attempting to injure my self again! Back home I treated myself to some seasalt & cracked black pepper bread, delicious!

Freebies and carbs
Freebies and carbs

I have iced my foot and it seems to be okay and I am planning on resting it until Wednesday, well with exception of horse riding and cycling but those don’t count do they? Plus I had an exciting parcel filled with Trek protein Flapjacks and flavoured raisins waiting for me when I got home – yum!

You can see another review of the Crossmax over at two itchy feet

*Finally the usual disclaimer folks the opinions expressed in this post are my own and I have not been paid for this review.*


2 thoughts on “City Trail Running”

  1. Thanks for following our blog! We were gutted we missed the Newcastle City trail- it sounds like fun. Just got myself a pair of the speedcross 3s…. Excited but a bit intimidated- they’re so bright!

    1. The city trails workshop was really fun but now I desperately want some crossmax shoes, I can’t really justify them until I can actually properly run again! Thanks to you for following my blog too! I loved the picture you got of you cantering along in a field I never seem to get action shots.

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