A Weekend of Mini Adventures

So what’s been happening this week? Well all in all an interesting week.

I have been doing a fabulous weekly pilates class at a place called the pilates attic, it is great as it focuses on many different aspects including strength and mobility. This week I found myself day dreaming as I rolled my legs on the foam roller (when you don’t run the foam roller no longer seems to be the bane of your life)! A lot of balance and shoulder work this week but during the stretching session I felt a pain in my left leg in the thigh area. The teacher spotted me having problems and immediately came over to check, he said I should take it easy but not to worry too much. The stretch on my other leg was fine – odd.

The next day I did what everyone should do after not having run properly for nine weeks and having had a pain in their left thigh and headed off for a run at lunchtime. I did walk/run but I ran for much further each time and we were also heading up Arthur’s Seat, the big hill in the centre of Edinburgh. I did okay but I started to feel my shins hurt after about three miles and my left thigh began to ache around then too. Fine I thought I will just stretch more. Well by mid-afternoon I could barely walk at work, hurpiling my way around the office. That hill is trying to destroy me at the minute πŸ™‚

Come this weekend I have been feeling okay legs-wise – ready for my mini adventures on horse back and on the bike!

So a lovely 2 hour hack on the horses on Saturday. The weather was a little unpredictable, we did get rained on so heavily we stopped in some tree for a bit of shelter. The ride was nice but for me it wasn’t the best ride. I have been feeling like I have had quite a run of enjoyable riding, where I have felt improvements in what I am learning and that my nerves are receding. Cue a painful (mentally) reminder that I am still a nervous rider. I was given B for the hack, now I know my instructor was giving me B because she thought I would really enjoy him but well I just didn’t click with him. As I haven’t cantered him outside I was put 2nd file when B would normally be 1st and I think that probably contributed to him tripping throughout the first trot. Then in the 1st canter I think I had my reins too short as he put his head down and I nearly came over the top. Cue the tension in my chest, me just saying over and over again that I wasn’t happy and the girls around me trying to reassure me. I am well aware it was me doing something but I just couldn’t deal with him so I ask to swap. The instructor was on Jm and she was very clear – if I swapped I had to accept he might buck and that I had to keep him under control. I still chose to swap, I think that probably says how uncomfortable I was with B. I am thoroughly embarrassed. But do you know what? I have to let it go, otherwise being me I will let it eat me up. Instead I will request B on a couple of shorter hacks then the next 2hr hack I will take him again.

Jm proved more of a handful than I initially realised but he did test me and given my nervous moment with B I think I did ok. It was at the lovely long canter stretch that we have and I could already feel a wee ball of energy growing in Jm as we turned onto it. Our instructor gave me a set of instructors specifically for me and Jm and kept re-iterating not to let him overtake – it made me wonder how fast we were about to go. Answer: FAST!!!!! I was asked to start cantering Jm before the rest had started and to shout forward, I did this and jesus it was like a small jet-propelled horse. Then just when I thought he didn’t have another gear, he took it up a level. But I kept him in behind Mr K and had him under control – I was up off his back and I have to admit I did enjoy it – bar one acceleration moment. However, then Tx came alongside sans rider, yup unfortunately we had a faller. She was ok and hoped back on after dusting herself down but I had gotten confused and thought my instructor had told me to get off but instead I think she said someone’s come off so I was standing next to Jm looking like a prize prat – woops. So it was an interesting ride and I was really down about it all with my riding confidence taking a bit of a battering. However, all the friends I have made at the stables have been so sweet telling me not to be too hard on myself so I am trying to be a bit more positive about the experience. Next up, the clydesdales on the beach hmmm..maybe wish me luck.

Sunday was a mini adventure too but this time on two wheel not four legs. It was meant to be a cycle of around 60 miles – seriously I have no idea why I choose ridiculous distances for my first long cycle but hey. Unfortunately 3 punctures later (including a bizarre one where the inner tube exploded in the shop) and a wind so strong it nearly sent me on an interesting diversion into a field it was clear the cycling gods were against us.

It was still a great cycle and definitely a mini adventure! The views were brilliant, great terrain and a good laugh just cycling along chatting to my mate. We had to beg and borrow puncture repair patches due to our incredible inability to plan πŸ™‚ I had tyre levers and a pump but not a puncture repair kit and none of our spare inner tubes fitted my bike – daft huh? That shows I am more used to running – I don’t need to prepare for it! Still it did show how lovely cyclists are, they were all very nice even when they couldn’t help.

Plus while we didn’t get the whole way to Falkirk we did get to Linlithgow which has a lovely palace and an even lovelier bike shop,Β elevation cycles. The guy was so helpful and chatty, even though he must have been thinking what a pair of berks! We got the train back to Edinburgh so in order to do a bit more cycling we took a quick jaunt up Arthur’s Seat – I was riding a single speed so I found it tough but hey I did it. So not the journey I was expecting but fun all the same!

Bikes and a bit of history
Bikes and a bit of history

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