Cycling and Shoes

Just a quick update this week as I am off on my holidays. This week I managed a 3.4 mile walk/run 6 minutes running then 2 minutes walking -the running was at a decent pace so I am quite happy. I wanted to try doing another run but somehow it never happened.
Then Wednesday I met a friend for another mini-adventure on the bikes. This time out to Cramond Island-top tip do not cycle the walkway unless you are happy to be covered in sea water and smell horrific on the journey home 🙂
It was brilliant,  a perfect thing to do midweek,  the weather cleared entirely and we got some great pictures.



Then I got home to find pizza waiting for me. Yum!
Finally it was the end of era for me yesterday.  I finished up in the office I have worked in for seven years. I have worked with many lovely people some of whom I am lucky enough to call friends.  It was a great send off, homemade cinnamon swirls, data-themed baking, drinks and just a little bit of dancing.  They got me some shoes (I have surely mentioned the shoes) and sweaty betty vouchers as leaving gifts! Now do I count them on the wartime wardrobe challenge? ?


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