August Wartime Wardrobe Challenge Round Up

So it is September now and time for the monthly Wartime Wardrobe challenge. Well August turned out to be an okay month for me WWC wise, but that’s only due to my lack of financial planning for the Edinburgh Fringe which always seems to sneak up on me even though it is in August every year for gods sake. Basically shopping was curtailed for “cultural” activities and a holiday in the lake district.

However, I have a secret that I want to discuss – I am finding myself becoming slightly stressed by the whole WWC. It is becoming a challenge, and I reckon I am finding more out about myself as a consumer along the way, things that annoyingly Mr Inelegant Horse Rider keeps going ‘Yup, you do that quite a lot’. Now I am not about to blame the WWC for my higher than usual stress levels I had a bit of a low point time with my riding recently and have started a new job so my stress levels are slightly elevated but I have found myself feeling worried about if I buy a certain item of clothing or if I go over my coupons etc. More worrying to me is that I am making wish lists of items that I would buy if I could,ย  I never thought of myself as someone who thinks about buying things so much!

I am also feeling a bit out of sorts regarding most of my workwear, this is apparently quite normal when you start in a new job but oddly enough even in items I have owned for a few years I just don’t feel myself. I am finding myself much happier in my jodphurs and tshirts for riding or in my running gear (although I am still only able to run for 20 minutes). Again I didn’t think my clothing effected me quite this much and I suspect that it doesn’t but that it is more in reference to a large change in my life, I was in my old office for seven years and it is quite a shift in office culture to where I am now even though I am within the same organisation.

As a final thought before I talk briefly about the purchases in August I wanted to mention fashion magazines. Now I get two fashion magazines a month delivered on subscription, well I suppose one classes itself as a lifestyle magazine more than straight up fashion. What I have been interested to note is that August and September’s issues have both been mainly talking about the Autumn fashion and must-haves, and to be frank it has been getting on my nerves. There are articles telling you not to follow trends but then detailing each trend and where to get them. Various people telling you what you have to buy for this season, what the new coat shape is and if you only buy one thing make it one of these fifty things articles. Now again I would anticipate that part of this is to do with the fact that these articles will not be influencing me in the slightest this year but I do also take issue that these magazines rarely, if ever, reference alternative ways to do fashion. This to me is quite strange as one has a section on street style where people frequently cite items as vintage. I know that this has been discussed endlessly elsewhere and that this kind of opinion is not new but it does make me sad that each month we are still seeing the same thing, also go into any high-street shop and you will find ‘must have’ tags littered around. Sorry for the vague thought there, I will try to get a more coherent post on my ideas together but I just think that with all the journalists, writers, bloggers etc. out there that there must be another conversation that could be had about fashion.

Finally as I mentioned above August was a lean month, I purchased a lovely purple dress second hand from eBay and wore it to my cousin’s wedding. A great buy but not sure whether it is quite my style or whether I bought in a bit of a panic.

I also bid on a running bum bag by Sweaty Betty, a company who I seem to have a mild obsession with, and won. I felt that I needed something to help keep the extra things I tend to carry when I run long distances, unfortunately not done any long distances to try it out but I remain optimistic that next year I will be able to do my first M-word (not saying it out loud yet for fear of scaring the ankle into giving up entirely). In the meantime I will give it a test run on one of my lovely 2 mile jaunts and see whether it annoys the bejesus out of me. In the main though I have always found Sweaty Betty products to be well made and well suited to their use.

I also was given a pair of shoes by my colleagues as a leaving gift, I need to exchange them for a bigger size although I might have to do a full exchange for different shoes as my ankle was not impressed by the heels on these bad boys!

Irregular choice heels with tweed
Absolutely beautiful aren’t they?

So my question for my fellow WWCers – do we count gifts? I am counting the trousers I bought using the gift vouchers they gave me but do I count the shoes?

Miles run: 4

Physio Appointments made: 1

Coupons Remaining: 3 – all things bought in September, August I was coupon free


4 thoughts on “August Wartime Wardrobe Challenge Round Up”

  1. Lady, I know what you mean about agonising about getting stuff. I do it with everything (even kitchen utensils like an enamel mixing bowl). I also see the endless emails, tweets,… advertising sales or new collection and think “ooh, that would be nice” and then the spool of the you-don’t-need-it tape plays in my head and I feel guilty about even being tempted… Autumn/winter clothes are especially tempting as generally I prefer those colours and I’m always cold. What I am realising through this challenge and restraint in general is:
    a/ there are staples: they are subject to wear and tear and even with good care will over time need to be replaced and that is okay; and
    b/ there are occasional treats: things that are not strictly necessary but is well-made, will make me feel fab and I can use in many ways. The key is that they are occasional and I am enjoying savouring the experience of a true treat – like I knew as a kid/teenager when pocket money was saved for months for a new book/LP/nail varnish…

    Good luck with building the longer distances. I am starting to toy with 1/2 M idea. Maybe next year as a treat/challenge before I turn 40 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Hey,

      Ooh can’t recommend the 1/2 M enough, I love that distance. If you can find a trail one they are particular awesome I have to say and I have always found them friendly. Fingers crossed the ankle starts to behave then I can get back to the start line! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yeah I am with you on Autumn/Winter difficulties as I prefer the colours and styles to summer, I am not a sun worshipper in the slightest! Do you know I do wonder if maybe part of my issue is to do with my lack of staples actually but I have a clothes swap coming up and a couple of vintage sales so I am going armed with ‘rules’, and friends who will tell me when I have gone slightly daft! I love the idea of feeling like you did when you got something after saving up, that can be one of my rules!


      1. Steph, I forgot to answer your query re. gifts. In wartimes, gifts would have been coupon free for the receiver but would have counted towards the giver’s total coupon expenditure. Therefore, you could adopt that approach, or vice versa as I believe Nic is doing. I’m going with the wartime approach but with a twist. If I ‘request’ a specific gift of clothes, then I will deduct the coupon value from my total. I added this because I’m currently not earning as I have gone back to university, so I suspect I may ask for a sensible clothes present from Mr M for Christmas rather than raiding savings…

      2. And now I forgot to reply to your comment, sorry. Great advice I think I will go with your option, about if I request an item of clothing then I will deduct the coupon value. I also meant to mention I don’t know if you have seen this: Might be of interest in relation to the challenge.

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