Friday Update

A quick Friday update. Well I took a trip to the physio yesterday on the recommendation of my pilates instructor as he thought I wasn’t moving very well. It is a case where listening paid off – often the case, you think I would have learnt this by now.
Anyway I have been told to stop running again for 2-3 weeks and been given exercises to increase my flexibility. Feels like 1 step forward 2 steps back but at least I am allowed to cycle and swim plus hopefully this will make me a better runner in the longer term.
On a riding related note I have my mock riding and road safety exam on Sunday, wish me luck as the weather looks awful! I have MJ who I rode for a trip round the stubble fields last week, I think we work ok together but I need to work on my observations more. I have been practising while cycling this week so fingers crossed that helps.
Will give you the rundown next week, have a wonderful weekend folks!


2 thoughts on “Friday Update”

    1. Thanks! I hope the physio sorts it too, I am being conscientious at the minute and doing it everyday so I hope it starts to make a difference. I haven’t told my instructor about it because I thought it would be interesting to see if she notices any changes in my riding. Yup going a bit mad not being able to run, starting looking at mad 70 miles races for next year!

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