Judy’s Vintage Nation – Some Thoughts

So on Sunday I headed to a vintage fair, Judy’s Vintage Nation with a couple of friends. It was well advertised through discount websites such as ItIsOn and a few of the local businesses I follow on Facebook had been posting on it. The Facebook page talked about lots of stalls of clothing, bric-a-brac and furniture alongside a stand by Miss Dixiebelle’s Vintage Hair and Beauty – very gutted we didn’t get appointments with them, live music and refreshments. It sounded like a good day out.

One of the few object stalls, I did really fancy one of these phones!

Well, for us it was a bit of a disappointment. I had hoped for interesting items of clothing but we felt there wasn’t a wide range of items although some stalls were much better than others. We did all pick up a bargain but I have to say some of the items did seem to be over priced. There weren’t many stalls selling objects and all of us had been hopeful to pick up some bits and pieces for our flats and with my mates’ good spotting skills I had hoped to get some things to brighten up my kitchen but to no avail.

Busy busy busy

I did get this beautiful beaded top which I plan to wear with my jeans and I did see one or two other items but it got very busy, very quickly and when people grab something just as you are reaching for it, it all seems a little hectic for me.

Beaded Vest

To calm the pace we decided to have some coffee and cake, unfortunately this stand was proving to be one of the most popular and we waited for around twenty minutes to be served. This was not the fault of the lovely people on the stall but it was the only place to get coffee and cake. That was always going to be popular so it would have seemed sensible to have had another place selling these kinds of things. Also when we did order we got instant coffee while others seemed to be getting cafetiรจre coffee, I would just say that to charge that much for instant coffee seemed a bit cheeky. The scones were okay and the cake my friend had was nice.

Judy's Vintage Nation
Busier, get your elbows sharpened folks!

So all in all not a particularly successful day out, none of us would recommend going to this event and we felt that the earlybird ticket price (ยฃ3) was ok but perhaps a little expensive given the size of space and the stalls there.

Miss Dixiebelle Vintage Beauty and Hair
Glamour! One of the best bits about the fair
Smiles after much delayed coffee and cake!

I do however think the event has potential, there was a nice wee area to customise your vintage pieces (I wouldn’t have put it right next to the doors but that’s just me) and the beauty stand was constantly busy with everyone looking brilliant. Just better refreshments (everyone will want coffee and cake) and more stalls with more objects please! But there are worse ways to spend Sundays than hanging out with your mates wherever you are! ๐Ÿ™‚


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