Some Mud and The Duchess

So last weekend was a busy one. Some mountain biking on Saturday down at Glentress near Peebles in the borders. It felt great to be out on the trails after so long, especially as I have been doing a lot more cycling due to my inability to run – I thought I would be blasting up the hills but no. Instead I found I was a bit nervous with my bike meaning I had difficulty in getting my gears correct and riding straight lines, I began to get frustrated with myself as I used to be able to ride these trails no problem but the frustration just meant more errors and tension led to my back starting to complain. Continue reading “Some Mud and The Duchess”


A Lesson with Mr B and a Christmas jumper (or two)

There has been talk around the stables that they might be setting up some jumps around the fields meaning we might get a wee bit of cross country on the go – it is very exciting. I was gutted not to do the proper cross country course at AnnaHarvey last year (oh well I just need to go again :)) but having one in my back garden – ace! Plus I do need to work on my jumping.

Anyway, we had a lovely hack last Sunday. Cold but dry with a great long canter in the middle. I originally had Jm (the white Highland speed demon I have spoken about before) but swapped to Td as I wasn’t feeling too great and I like too have all my faculties when riding Jm. Td was brilliant as ever and the canter was lovely, except we had to hold back a little B and Am were spraying mud at us! But do you know in the intervening time I have gotten annoyed with myself for swapping – why did I do this? I should have ridden Jm anyway instead of treating him differently from the other horses. So I am making a decision – whoever I am given I will take! Continue reading “A Lesson with Mr B and a Christmas jumper (or two)”

How does your sportswear perform? Part 2 – Ronhill

This is the second in a series of posts I am doing about sportswear and its ethics. You can read the first one here, they are also being posted on the new ethical shopping online resource which I would recommend that you have a look at as there are some great articles, information and resources there.

The Company

Now I am not sure if this truly is the case but it seems like the first item of running specific clothing anyone buys is usually by Ronhill – my scientific study involved asking some people :). Continue reading “How does your sportswear perform? Part 2 – Ronhill”

Cantering in the dark (kind of)

A quick mid-week horsey update. I had a lovely private lesson yesterday on Tx. I haven’t had private lesson in a couple of weeks so it was great to get one in, unfortunately it is now pitch black by the time I get to the stables and it is floodlight time in the school. Yesterday it was windy, windy, windy and with horses in adjoining fields, lights and funny noises coming from the yard as my instructor put it “all a horse needs to try and take the p%**!’. So I didn’t let him!  Continue reading “Cantering in the dark (kind of)”

What’s your style?

This post tries to give my answers to two questions posed by Ceri from and founder of, I also thought I would incorporate October’s wartime wardrobe challenge into this post as well. Check out the video for What’s your style at

Question 1: what is your style?

Well the short answer at the moment…I’m not sure. Like most people I have cycled through various styles over the years – indie, rcok, hippy, heels & tight trousers & corsets (a lot of breathing in during that phase), short skirts with baggy jumpers and vertigo inducing heels and jeans so wide that I was practically a street sweeper (top tip do not wear those style of jeans with sandals – it is not pleasant). More recently in my last job, that saw me from my mid-twenties to my early thirties, my styles evolved from pinafore dresses over trousers to printed People Tree dresses with cardigans and Dr Marten boots and now with my new job in a more relaxed office I feel a little out of sorts with my style. Continue reading “What’s your style?”

The School Master and the Upstart

Apologies for the delay in writing this post it is almost time for my next riding update! Also I managed to get no pictures whatsoever but it was horrible weather and we ended up finishing in the dark so to be fair the pictures would have been terrible 🙂

So last week, well it was a day of two halves – a lesson and a wee bit of a dressage test interspersed with me picking up horse poo, cleaning tack and grooming –  oh the joys of helping out at the stables.  Continue reading “The School Master and the Upstart”

How does your sportswear perform? Part 1 – Howies

I have mentioned in previous posts how keen I am to start looking at ethical performance sportswear and I have decided to do a series of short posts about each of the brands that I currently have as part of my sports wardrobe, their ethical credentials, sustainability credentials and how the items I currently own perform. I will then post about some new brands I have been looking into and end with a round up. These companies have all been asked the same questions initially but how they have answered them have been different. Continue reading “How does your sportswear perform? Part 1 – Howies”