A Friday Update

It’s Friday!!! I took a 3 day course with an exam at work this week so I am pretty chuffed that it will soon be the weekend! The course also meant no mid-week riding which was a shame.

So tomorrow is my first dressage training session (I have realised I forgot to pick up the test so I will probably just wander about in the arena for a bit then do a circle and get asked to leave but hey that’s an experience too). I had a troublesome lesson last week on Tx (who is a bit of a favourite) so I decided to grit my teeth and swapped onto him for the dressage training. He likes to pretend to spook as he has worked out that this will often let him stop and tries to cut corners to sharply that we nearly took out my instructor in canter – she was not amused. So wish me luck with this test and I will try to get pictures as well.

And as a final Friday thing I thought I might start to post the more random things that I have had happen while horse riding over the years. First up strange customer service:

“At a stables – that shall remain nameless – that myself and a couple of friends decided to try out a fair few years ago. I had booked us all in, giving our heights and weights at that point as is normal. When we first arrived there was no one around and we wandered about a stables looking for a reception, a person or even a horse – eventually we found someone who was clearly irritated that we bothered them. She did go and find our leader for the hack who appeared promptly looked me up and down and declared at the top of her voice that I was too big to ride any of their mares. She kept repeating this loudly as she tried to make me ride this terrifying looking horse –Β  a proper hoof-stamper, head-shaker of a beast. I am lucky I have an okay body image that I just found it all hysterical and couldn’t stop laughing as my friend loudly told her I could ride mares. Eventually she backed down and I got given a lovely, non-insane horse. However, just as I thought it might all be going okay I asked for a mounting block (don’t judge I am not flexible :)) and was given a three-legged chair, by that I mean a chair with one leg snapped off. I declined and used a picnic bench. Let’s just say the hack was “interesting”.”

Oddly enough I still went back there but more on that on another Friday. Have a lovely weekend!


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