What’s your style?

This post tries to give my answers to two questions posed by Ceri from ethicalfashionblog.com and founder of style-is.co.uk, I also thought I would incorporate October’s wartime wardrobe challenge into this post as well. Check out the video for What’s your style at http://youtu.be/p2TFLTyqVDU.

Question 1: what is your style?

Well the short answer at the moment…I’m not sure. Like most people I have cycled through various styles over the years – indie, rcok, hippy, heels & tight trousers & corsets (a lot of breathing in during that phase), short skirts with baggy jumpers and vertigo inducing heels and jeans so wide that I was practically a street sweeper (top tip do not wear those style of jeans with sandals – it is not pleasant). More recently in my last job, that saw me from my mid-twenties to my early thirties, my styles evolved from pinafore dresses over trousers to printed People Tree dresses with cardigans and Dr Marten boots and now with my new job in a more relaxed office I feel a little out of sorts with my style.

The part of my wardrobe that I feel does still fit with me and my style would be my shoes.

Mucky trainers
Okay not all three sets of feet are mine! After one particularly muddy race!
lime green shoes
Dancing shoes

No matter what else my shoes always make me smile from my running trainers which always remind me of how many miles I have racked up to my lime green heels with a pink scottie dog on them that allowed me to dance the night away at one of my best mate’s weddings.

I like bright things but my wardrobe doesn’t always seem to reflect that, certainly at the moment when I look at it it all seems very dark. Maybe my style could be magpie or perhaps “got dressed in the dark while distracted by her shoes” – the day I wore leopard print, stripes and polka dots drew a few comments at work. 🙂

It is in this vein – the magpie vein – that I purchased the one thing I got this month a second hand leopard print cardigan bought from eBay but pre-eBay ban. It doesn’t fit particularly well and the colour washes me out, but I still like it. It fits with my clashing print, magpie style and when worn with jeans and a scarf it doesn’t wash me out too much (plus it is really toasty – always a good thing for a Scottish winter).

Question 2: Why do you love fashion?

In my opinion fashion is an expression of your personality. As I have mentioned above style evolves and changes with you throughout your life. It is interesting to note that even in cases where people are forced into wearing the same clothing they still try to tweak it for them whether through turned up collars or a different length of tie. I feel that my style, when it comes together, makes me more confident and it also makes me smile. As I mentioned above I feel I have slightly lost my style at the minute, this means that for much of the time it is a compromise outfit I am wearing and it leads to me often not feeling great.

I feel that everyone has their own style, which is a brilliant thing. A lot of other people’s style is not my style but it is their style and I think that is a lovely thing.

A final thought – style does not mean having lots of clothing, it is something else entirely. I would like to make a large part of my style sustainable – once I figure out what style is!

How about everyone else? What’s your style? And why do you love fashion?

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2 thoughts on “What’s your style?”

  1. Me? I’ve always leaned towards goth in dressy situations, whereas my casual look has always defaulted to a plain black top of some description and army surplus combat trousers. I wear nearly everything with big army-style boots. I tried to deviate from both looks over the course of my twenties, when I would occasionally decided I wanted to have a stab at being more colourful, or more ladylike, but I have squarely arrived at the conclusion that this is how I feel comfortable.

    And in the office, I always wear smart black trousers and a fitted top… with army boots underneath. 🙂

    1. I like that phrase ‘how I feel comfortable’ because often at the minute I don’t feel that at all. I love army-style boots and for all the heels that I own got to love the boots that you can properly stomp around in!

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