“Look like you are involved, please”

Last night was my last lesson until the new year I do believe, although if there is a chance for a lesson between Christmas and Hogmany I will take it! I am riding on Christmas Eve for a 2 hour hack as last year it was lovely. There were only two of us last year and it was only meant to be a hour (we were a little longer) and I rode N, the horse who sadly passed away this year. It was a cold day and N was on great form, flying along in the canter and really enjoying himself. It is how I think I will remember him, an old horse but with the spirit of a young one –  a schoolmaster but who still surprised me. In one lesson he jumped a drainage ditch and in another he decided we should do a 20 metre circle even though I hadn’t asked for one.So after the fun of last year and my fond memories of N I am hoping this year will be just as much fun. Continue reading ““Look like you are involved, please””


Dressage Test Take 2

Well you read about my not-so good lesson last week, this week was much better! I had asked if I could do my dressage test training during my lesson since I had been a muppet and missed my bus on Saturday. When I turned up my instructor informed me that I was going to be riding a different test which involves 2 half 20 metre circles and getting the horse to stretch in trot – As I stood looking suitably bemused I was also told my dressage pony (the ever lovely Tx) doesn’t come back from his “weekend” field until Thursday so I would be riding Td but had to pretend he was Tx – cue more confusion from moi.
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A Wee Horse-y Update and a Question

Am and I are not quite friends yet, maybe acquaintances and sometimes it feels more like she despises me but more on that later.

My Wednesday night lesson was overall pretty good, some nice control and posture work – focusing on my head position which felt a little odd having so much attention paid to your head – plus some good canters and general bend work which is coming along ok BUT I am still experiencing problems with getting my weight evenly down both legs. Continue reading “A Wee Horse-y Update and a Question”

No Cantering For Me

Well wednesday’s was a “slow” lesson. I got to the stables and it was a lovely, clear night – cold but not like the week before with the wind. I had guessed I might be given Billy as I had been due to ride him the week before but for the weather.
He is the part clydesdale and in theory that should make me love him but he usually makes me feel out of control and he is the only horse there that I remain nervous of. In fact you might remember that back in August I actually got off him on a hack. I tried to help my nerves by talking to him which definitely helps but it is actually only once on that Billy scares me – in his stable he is one of the cuddliest horses.

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