A Wee Horse-y Update and a Question

Am and I are not quite friends yet, maybe acquaintances and sometimes it feels more like she despises me but more on that later.

My Wednesday night lesson was overall pretty good, some nice control and posture work – focusing on my head position which felt a little odd having so much attention paid to your head – plus some good canters and general bend work which is coming along ok BUT I am still experiencing problems with getting my weight evenly down both legs. I am also still struggling with putting enough strength behind my leg to effectively use my legs for control and direction – when I am leg yielding I feel as though I am pushing with all my strength then my instructor demonstrates by pushing my leg against the horse and it is clear I am barely pushing. Even with all of this my legs are sore, in fact my legs were sore until Friday last week. So fellow riders and sports/fitness fans, any top tips to help me build the strength in my legs? Since I am now cycling more and more increased leg strength can only be a good thing and would set me up nicely once I can get back to running.

Now for a little more detail on Am and I and our disagreement. Am is a sensitive horse and particularly hates anyone fiddling around with her girth or on the hind quarters – there is no pain you understand (my stables wouldn’t let her be ridden in pain) but she just doesn’t like it. She bites and kicks out, the whole “two legs straight out behind her” kind of kick and last week she simply wouldn’t let me put her rug over her back end. In the end to stop her stressing out any more I had to get help from the staff at the stables to put her rug on, I really would like to build the bond of trust with Am as it did get me a little down that I couldn’t put her at ease.

And on a ridiculous note I managed to miss my bus out to the stables on Saturday and so didn’t get to do my dressage training. It was really disappointing as I was sure Tx and I could do better this time, I was really optimistic and looking forward to it. Oh well total muppet.

Finally, I don’t know about you guys but I find December a difficult time to motivate myself to get out there and be active, which is something I adore. So to try to help me stay focused I am also doing a wee challenge during this month. I am aiming to cycle 160 miles this December, an idea inspired by spikesandheels.com with her #80milemonth for runners. I hope to post some pictures and let you guys know how I am getting on! Happy December folks.


2 thoughts on “A Wee Horse-y Update and a Question”

  1. With extra-curricular exercise, I just find that the Pilates helps a lot, but the only Pilates I have ever done is from the Janice Dulak DVD I have, Pilates for the Dressage Rider. According to the Amazon reviews, many people prefer the Gemma Tattershall one, but I think it helps. What I have found with it is that the exercises don’t stop being useful, because as your muscles become stronger you apply them to the exercises more and the cumulative effect is greater.

    As for Am and her kicking, it sounds very similar to my struggles with Hokon the Wonderhorse, who I was determined was going to love me as much as I loved him but in reality was only ever haughty towards me. I don’t really know what to suggest, other than to approach her with confidence – I know I won’t have to tell you what efficient lightning rods for emotion horses are! (:

    1. Thanks for the response, I will look up the dvd you recommend. Currently I do yoga and I did do pilates but only once a week, maybe I need to do a shorter session more often!
      Ta also for the comments re Am, I will try but I reckon it is definitely the same as your situation with Hokon. Right tomorrow confidence confidence confidence πŸ™‚

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