Fripping Hell! – January Challenge Completed

The first in the A Challenge for Every Month series, remember to check out awesome New York blogger Jesse Anne O atΒ for her version.

I had been planning to look through the fabrics in my wardrobe or try to mend the hems/zips/holes in the clothes that need a little tender care but some how it was coming to the end of the month without me having done any of these things. I blame procrastination πŸ™‚ Continue reading “Fripping Hell! – January Challenge Completed”


How does your sportswear perform? Part 4 Finisterre

First up an admission with all the other brands I have written about in this series of posts I actually own an item of their clothing, this is the first company I want to write about whose items I can’t actually review personally although hopefully I will be able to include one later this year.
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The Nerves Receed (Kind of)

So last Wednesday it was almost as though my instructor had read my blog and opted to put me on P again – I reckon part of it has to do with the fact he is now available again during the week, the lass who had him on loan can now only ride at the weekend. Well it went much better, I had a better attitude coming in to the lesson and also part of it was I didn’t feel I could write another post so soon after the last talking about my nerves as regards P. πŸ˜‰ Continue reading “The Nerves Receed (Kind of)”

So Long, Farewell to the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge

I promised a while back that I would do a round-up post of the entire Wartime Wardrobe Challenge for last year. The reason you didn’t get a November round-up was quite a simple one and a little bit of a vain one, I have been trying to locate a decent picture from the BHS ball where I borrowed a dress from my riding instructor – another brilliant thing I have discovered through the challenge, the generosity of others – I must remember to ensure I return the favour or pay it forward! πŸ™‚ Continue reading “So Long, Farewell to the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge”

Some Nerves Show Up

A lovely weekend in many ways but it was irritating as I had planned to get a new bike this weekend but when I went to the bike shops they had none of the models I wanted to try out. It is my own fault as I should have phoned ahead but hey! Also one of the tops I got on a lovely trawl through the charity shops has a huge rip under one arm – only noticed this halfway through my day at work. I am assuming it wasn’t noticeable rather than my colleagues wondering if I had been attacked by wolves on my way to work but being too polite to ask. πŸ™‚ Continue reading “Some Nerves Show Up”

A Challenge for every Month!

As anyone who reads this blog know ethical and sustainable fashion is really important to me and an area I am really interested in. After the fun and informative Wartime Wardrobe Challenge last year – final round up coming I promise – I wanted to continue to challenge myself and ensure that the fundamental changes I have made are built upon so that I finally have the ethical and sustainable wardrobe that I want. πŸ™‚ Continue reading “A Challenge for every Month!”

Ahhh so that’s how it is meant to be done!

A short and sweet post after last night’s lesson but I am pretty chuffed so I felt the need to write down (also so that I can remind myself in a few weeks when I am feeling down about being unable to do a circle). Well I finally got it! I managed to canter with my seat correct and keeping Tx moving in a forwards motion. Now I think I have mentioned often enough my tendency to lean forward (still) and that sometimes I just don’t understand the phrase “sit down into the canter” – I thought I did, I thought I was getting better and do you know what last night I actually felt it! Continue reading “Ahhh so that’s how it is meant to be done!”