A Challenge for every Month!

As anyone who reads this blog know ethical and sustainable fashion is really important to me and an area I am really interested in. After the fun and informative Wartime Wardrobe Challenge last year – final round up coming I promise – I wanted to continue to challenge myself and ensure that the fundamental changes I have made are built upon so that I finally have the ethical and sustainable wardrobe that I want. ๐Ÿ™‚

I had thought that since there are 12 months then why not try 12 challenges throughout the year? Okay so that really isn’t original but to be fair I love a list, I rarely check things off the lists but this time it will be different!ย  But since 11 days have already gone in January I need to get a wriggle on for this month, so, in no particular order, here is a list of the challenges I am going to attempt this year:

  • Attend/hold a swishing party
  • Try to do the Fashion Revolution pledge with two items – read more about the Fashion Revolution here
  • Have 2/3 months of buying nothing – I own a fair amount (this certainly isn’t a challenge for this month, the sales have given me a couple of lovely items)
  • Post a week of ethical outfits – reminding myself that I have plenty of items
  • I would like to have “slow” fashion piece made by a ethical company/ a local designer so I can follow the process
  • Spend a month mending the items I have to ensure they last a bit longer
  • “Upcycle” (using that term so loosely as I am pretty terrible at making anything) some trousers I no longer wear into shorts
  • Learn more about the alternative ways of disposing of our clothing
  • Learn more about how I can reduce the impact of washing my clothing – this is inspired by this post on thedoublelifeofmrsm
  • Investigate the various fibres that my wardrobe is made up of – boring to some people I am sure but I am interested to find out the balance of natural fibres to synthetic ones
  • Knit something – I am assuming a scarf as with the “upcycling” idea above the last time I tried knitting I knit so tightly it is essentially small squares of chain-mail that I make ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Post some style inspiration posts using only ethical clothing companies – an idea to try and help me with finding my style again- you can read more about the confusion that is my current style hereย – incidentally I won a prize from this blog post from style-is.co.uk and ethicalfashionblog.com‘s Ceri – a voucher for TOMS shoes

So that’s my list, it will be interesting to see if I manage any of these but hopefully I will. Does anyone else have any ethical clothing/sustainable fashion ideas they would like to get more information about? I am happy to help. Wish me luck!!


6 thoughts on “A Challenge for every Month!”

  1. I like this! Care for some company? I think you’ll be doing it in a flexible way and I’m fine with that, too, if you don’t mind me hopping on board. I mean, nothing can be worse than how WWC ended up for me!

    1. Thanks, I would love some company – I am actually stealing your outfit posts as an inspiration for my week of outfit posts! Don’t remind me of the WWC, I loved it but I went a bit mad in December and I need to put my final round-up and reflections up which I have been putting off. I’m still not sure which challenge to start with – I had better make a decision quickly. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I’m prepping a little edited version now for Monday’s post. I’m going to categorize them by month and see how that goes. I don’t usually work well on any blog-writing deadline but maybe if I have a whole month to do each item…can’t be that bad, right?

      2. Brilliant! Good idea on the categorising and I agree, I am hoping that the monthly aspect will get me focused. Great round up post from the WWC by the way, really need to get mine sorted.

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