All Change!

So on Wednesday I had my usual lesson in the late afternoon/early evening except this time it was light throughout. When I arrived I was given the choice of B, Ct or Au – I chose B! Why? Well I also received another bit of news, my instructor is leaving the yard. Continue reading “All Change!”


I’m spinning around! (Definitely) Move Out of My Way!

I arrived at the stables for me Sunday lesson in a brief shower of hail – I should have taken it as a warning sign, that I should have stayed in the dry and just watched. I was originally given P but was swapped to Jm at the last minute. I am still a bit nervous of Jm as I haven’t ridden him much but he is such a character. That said I was feeling pretty positive as we moseyed our way over towards the school. Continue reading “I’m spinning around! (Definitely) Move Out of My Way!”

100 Days of Happiness Challenge

Peanut Butter Granola
Peanut butter granola, so yummy – recipe from A Girl Called Jack.

So I have been doing the 100 days of happiness challenge that I discovered through the rather fabulous blog My Make Do And Mend Year – I can’t do many of the fun craft things she suggests but take pictures of things that make me happy? I can do that. The premise is simple and it is to do with mindfullness – essentially making you realise all the things to be happy for that sometimes I certainly tend to take for granted. So here are a selection from the first 38 days of happiness – enjoy! Oh and apologies for some of the photography, I am not particular good at taking pictures but it is fun 🙂

P's bridle
An attempt to be more focused on smaller details, after a fun lesson on P I took a picture of his bridle.
Me and the bloke
Me and Mr Inelegant Horse Rider on holiday up North at the end of last year. This was taken after most of a bottle of gin had been consumed, campervan-ing it up folks 🙂
Stag notebook, purple hairclip and measuring tape bangles
A lovely selection of birthday gifts sent from my sister, it was lovely to get this present on a rainy Saturday
The Intelligent's Woman's Guide to Socialism, Capitalism, Sovietism and Fascism
Brilliant book, scarily relevant today as when it was first published in 1928
Chinese Terracotta Army Lanterns
Amazing lanterns of the terracotta army were in Edinburgh Uni’s Old College over Chinese New Year – they were beautiful. Created by Chinese artist Xia Nan for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.
Daffodils that I have managed not to destroy yet 🙂
Howies Waterproof Shorts
Awesome Howies Epic Cotton cycling shorts – they are waterproof and perfect for commuting, brilliant purchase! This was taken on a test cycle going through all the puddles I could find, totally bone dry arse after it all.
Pretty Nostalgic
Beautiful magazine that I found – Pretty Nostalgic. Enjoying it so far!
My Grandparents
My mum got me a copy of this photo that I love of my amazing grandparents who have both sadly passed away. This picture makes me smile everytime, they looks so happy!

Just Keep Trotting

Happy Monday folks! I had a bit of a bleurgh horse riding lesson at the weekend. I had Td and I was a little disappointed I didn’t ride him better especially as I felt he was listening to me most of the time. It was a tough lesson space wise as we had the 3 largest horses in with us and I felt constantly worried Td and I were in the way so kept bailing out of exercises when in open order. Continue reading “Just Keep Trotting”

Woah Wednesday

A Wednesday lesson update. So as usual I headed off to the stables for my Wednesday lesson and just as  I prepared to leave the office the heavens opened, not heavily but I was confident given the dire weather warnings that I would be riding in a gale and soaked to the skin. So it was a pleasant surprise to find that the rain had warmed the air up slightly and it was falling lightly when I got to the stables after a quick bus ride. Continue reading “Woah Wednesday”

Hula-ing Your Cares Away

A quick exercise update today. So as you are all undoubtedly aware I haven’t been able to run really since last June (I hardly ever mention it 😉 ) well I am now back run/walking and it seems ok. I am planning a trip to the physio just to be sure, I don’t want to have my whole body in pain like in September when I last tried to run so I am being careful. Continue reading “Hula-ing Your Cares Away”

A Sunny Sunday spent Barrel Weaving

At the stables we didn’t end up “jumping into January” so much as walking smartly but at least we had correct bend 😉 So we are now “jumping out of January”, I could suggest “flying into February” but that doesn’t send the in control message that I believe we are meant to be setting! I think it is taking my instructor a bit longer to get us jumping fit than she had initially hoped coupled with the fact that a few of my group have any been able to make it back to riding in the last couple of weeks. So “flying into February” it is then! Continue reading “A Sunny Sunday spent Barrel Weaving”