Hula-ing Your Cares Away

A quick exercise update today. So as you are all undoubtedly aware I haven’t been able to run really since last June (I hardly ever mention it 😉 ) well I am now back run/walking and it seems ok. I am planning a trip to the physio just to be sure, I don’t want to have my whole body in pain like in September when I last tried to run so I am being careful.

So other than attempting to run again I spent January trying to make a bit more of a routine for myself but one that doesn’t leave me squeezing things in and not having time to relax. I am always conscious that there are lots of things I manage not to do but still want to try, I think it is becoming more and more evident to me that my previous running routine is not something I want to return to. I probably need to explain that a little more that while I enjoyed running I did find that I would not do things as I had a run the next day or that I would make myself absolutely knackered by running at nights as well as during the day and burning myself out – essentially I didn’t get the balance right. I also found that at times I would have 30 minutes between running and having to leave to go riding meaning that once at the stables I would be hungry and unable to fully concentrate on what I was doing leading to mistakes and frustration. I’m not about to pretend that I don’t still get frustrated with my riding but at least now I know it is due to my inability not due to hunger!

So where is this all leading, well I think over the weekend as my ankle quietly reminded me it isn’t as flexible or as strong as previously I realised that I might not go back to my old routine any time soon or more accurately that I don’t want to go back to my old routine any time soon. I would like to run again, yes that’s for sure but I think it will be lunchtime runs with my work running group rather than two hours every Saturday morning plus Sunday hill training, speed training, recovery runs and group runs. I have been enjoying my other activities too much and frankly don’t want to give up everything for running. That’s not to say I don’t respect those who do all the running training, fair play – I am impressed by all the runners/triathletes/cyclists whose blogs I read but just now it just doesn’t feel like it is right for me.

So it is with a flourish I announce at the end of this post that purely on a whim I have been doing a hula hooping class with friends. It contributes little to my overall fitness but I like it! The first time I did it I had to excuse myself to stand and laugh in the corner for a minute as I had a fit of the giggles, at least once a class we all fall around laughing and every so often I realise that I have been concentrating on a spinning hoop that it is making me a little dizzy. Oh and one of us always manages to throw a hoop across the room or smack if off a wall/the ceiling (the ceiling is low we don’t have mad skills – yet). So this is another little aside I want to make sure I continue to do things that make me smile and I enjoy, exercising should be fun. Next up, bring on the boulders and the flaming hoops – I am optimistic!


2 thoughts on “Hula-ing Your Cares Away”

    1. Ha ha. Oh you have to try it, so funny. Also surprisingly tough at times, good for co-ordination and that has to help with horse riding – right? 🙂 Hope you are on the mend.

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