Just Keep Trotting

Happy Monday folks! I had a bit of a bleurgh horse riding lesson at the weekend. I had Td and I was a little disappointed I didn’t ride him better especially as I felt he was listening to me most of the time. It was a tough lesson space wise as we had the 3 largest horses in with us and I felt constantly worried Td and I were in the way so kept bailing out of exercises when in open order. We did pole work and we were meant to stay in forward seat throughout but I kept rising on the turns as I was finding it difficult to keep Td’s trot at a good pace in forward seat. Really want to work on things like that but without a horse it is slightly tricky! We did have a little canter over the poles (we weren’t meant to) meanwhile one of my mates and Ct actually jumped one of the poles – I thought she did brilliantly, didn’t seem to ruffle her at all. It was a useful lesson, in the sense that it reminded me it is me and me alone who has responsibility to get Td moving forward and that once I have it, doesn’t mean I will keep it. Our solitary canter (*sob* due to all the pole and balance work we aren’t doing a lot of canter work) was really good although the downward transition slightly ruined things as we did canter-trot-walk in about 3 seconds flat hmmm.

Positives, positives though – I am being Miss Positive about my riding and I picked a couple of really good lines over the poles and I had Td in the corners and on the correct bend for nearly the whole lesson. I also noticed when the contact had slipped with him which is good as normally I would need to be told so definitely some good things.

I also managed a 4.5 mile walk/run with Team Bambi at the weekend. It was lovely to be out with them both and my ankle was okay during but did feel sore at night, I still plan to see the physio but it was nice to see my fitness hasn’t dropped too much as I felt I could have run for most of that distance. On a disappointing running note I have pulled out of the Deerstalker 2014 (see last year’s review) it would be daft to do an all terrain run where jumping in rivers, bogs and climbing obstacles is simply part of the day. Instead I plan to be Team Bambi’s offical photographer and make sure I get some suitably daft pictures, plus if I am sensible (how I hate that word) maybe I can be all ready to go for the Black Rock 5 in the summer πŸ™‚

I am well into the cycling 200 miles this month challenge I have set myself (again). On Saturday it was raining a little in Edinburgh so I took the chance to road test my new waterproof shorts from Howies. They are brilliant, totally bone dry arse – I don’t have mudguards so this is a revelation – and they are stylish enough that my friends let me sit with them when we met for brunch! πŸ™‚


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