All Change!

So on Wednesday I had my usual lesson in the late afternoon/early evening except this time it was light throughout. When I arrived I was given the choice of B, Ct or Au – I chose B! Why? Well I also received another bit of news, my instructor is leaving the yard.

Not for any bad reasons she just needs a change and to take time for herself – all of which is definitely understandable, working at a stables is tough (I have a lot of respect for anyone who can do it). So while I am happy for her, I am also quite gutted. What will I do in four weeks time? I honestly don’t know. A large part of the reason I ride where I do is down to my instructor, she has always been brilliant with my nerves and my riding is so far from what it was when I came to her. Last week’s post has shown this alongside the fact that I did not feel the nerves when getting onto B. I remember my first lesson with her and Br. I had come from a stables, which had gotten me back into riding, but after 3 falls in 3 months (2 from my favourite horse) could not get me back to riding consistently – one week I would only walk with a helper alongside me and the next I would jump in canter then back to walking the next. I came to my instructor not expecting much and confident I would not canter, that was definite. By the end of the lesson I was calmer but still refused to canter, my instructor just smiled then called to Br to “canter” and off he went in a calm and collected canter. Afterwards she explained that she could see I could clearly canter and that she needed to see me at all gaits, she knew Br would look after me and he did. I came away surprised that I wasn’t more worried by that. Over the three and a half years I have been with her I have learnt so much and progressed so far that my big thing this year was going to be to take a horse on loan from the stables, without her there I don’t think I can do this – not yet.

My lesson on Wednesday was amazing! I got to jump B, only in trot and he mainly just trotted over the jump but on the last one he did a proper jump for me. I enjoyed it, even though he is fast I felt more in control and he did respond to me pretty well. The owner of the stables watched my lesson and complimented my instructor on how my riding has improved!! She said I am a “neat rider” – I had no idea I could even be that. I also discovered when in forward seat my ability to steer greatly improves as I am balanced. I know I am left-side dominated and read an interesting post on A Gift Horse which has helped me especially the comments, I am trying to note when in everyday situations my left side is becoming more dominant and correct it, hopefully this will make me more balanced in my seat.

So the next four weeks on this blog all the riding posts will be tinged with sadness. It is a big change – we will see what happens.


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