The One where I get a Bit Down

A quick horse-y update today. I got a lift to the stables today which was handy as I haven’t been feeling great this weekend and the idea of cycling or sitting on a bus for a hour were not appealing. When I arrived I was asked to stand with Td as work was being done on the stables and I was just to keep an eye on him, as I chatted to him and my classmate (there were only two of us in the lesson today) it occurred to me that it was quite quiet at the stables. I reckon the weather and just circumstances meant that the stables were quieter than usual and with the fog it seemed even quieter – does that make sense? Probably not 🙂 Continue reading “The One where I get a Bit Down”


An Opinion Piece on Hi-viz

As most readers will know I am a horse rider and a cyclist, and a big fan of both. This post could be considered contentious as I am aware that there are many opposing views on these ideas but lately I have been feeling the need to put mine across. Continue reading “An Opinion Piece on Hi-viz”

Start of a new chapter

First lesson with our new instructor this afternoon. After all the work Pam has done with me it is odd to think she won’t be teaching me anymore and to be honest a little daunting to think of a different person choosing which horse I should ride and what I would be doing. So it was with a bit of trepidation that I approached the stables this afternoon, luckily my classmates and I had decided to do this lesson en-mass to see how we enjoyed the new instructor. I have mentioned before that the group of girls I ride with help me with my nerves and do genuinely help me feel I can tackle much more than I can when I ride elsewhere. We were given horses we normally ride so I had Td. I enjoy riding Td but Tx is the pony I feel I have the best bond with – I think Td is a great horse for anyone to ride which always makes me feel slightly incidental. Continue reading “Start of a new chapter”

End of An Era

So Sunday was the last lesson with my instructor. It was a lovely lesson, everyone else jumped except myself (I haven’t seen Td jump so unsurprisingly I was nervous), we did some pole work and I got some good canters in. One of the horses, Am, was jumping big but her rider sat beautifully – I reckon that she is on her way to being a showjumper!
We had another instructor watching our lesson, she taught my old instructor so if she can get me to be even a 100th as good as my old instructor I would be impressed and ecstatic!

I always enjoy riding Td and at the end I even took a “selfie” (see below). I was inspired by my mate who  got a much better one of her and Ct last week. Continue reading “End of An Era”

The One where I Actually Go Over a Jump

So last night was my last private lesson with my current instructor and it was fun! I left on a total high, it might have been the sunshine, it might have been the jumping, it might have been the beautiful sunset or the great canter I got but it was a really nice way to end part of my journey with my instructor – I still have Sunday’s lesson but that will be different I am sure. Continue reading “The One where I Actually Go Over a Jump”

A Big Fat Zero – February Challenge Completed

February seems to have passed in a blur, from reading a few of the blogs I follow I think most people feel the same way!

Luckily by default I did complete a challenge in February as I bought nothing! Well nothing clothing-wise, which was a revelation in a way as I realised that even on the WWC last year I still bought a lot of stuff (really just rediscovered eBay and then had to ban myself 😉 ). I definitely have enough clothing to see me through the days so I think a few self-imposed months without buying anything new definitely does me some good, and of course the bank balance which will help me to achieve some of my other goals for the year!

I also sent off my first email about the Fashion Revolution to the local designers Totty Rocks, unfortunately I haven’t heard anything back yet so I am going to follow up on that this week and do my other item – I have chosen two coats interestingly – not sure why, I guess because at the time I got these I couldn’t see many ethical alternatives that looked like they would cope with weather and be nice enough I would want to wear them. I got my Totty Rocks red mac made to measure in 2011 as a treat for having completed my MSc and I got my Joules wax jacket in 2010 so both are staples in my wardrobe. I will let you know what I hear back, the nice thing about Totty Rocks is that because their shop is in the city I can just pop in and see the lass who actually stitched my coat together 🙂

This month I am going to be taking a look at how to dispose of clothing, namely bras as I have had no idea what to do with them until I went to an express Pilates class!

Finally some Flatwork! (oh and the one where I wimp out of jumping)

We are now in countdown mode – 2 lessons left with my current instructor so I am trying to remember the things she says (that comment suggest that normally I don’t 😉 ) and focus on having fun and enjoying these remaining lessons. So it was lesson 4 on Wednesday and I had Am. When I saw her all tacked up I realised I haven’t ridden her for a while, I actually was also quite happy because I am well aware I am not a good enough jumper to take Am over a jump so it had to be a flatwork lesson – thank the lord. Continue reading “Finally some Flatwork! (oh and the one where I wimp out of jumping)”