A Big Fat Zero – February Challenge Completed

February seems to have passed in a blur, from reading a few of the blogs I follow I think most people feel the same way!

Luckily by default I did complete a challenge in February as I bought nothing! Well nothing clothing-wise, which was a revelation in a way as I realised that even on the WWC last year I still bought a lot of stuff (really just rediscovered eBay and then had to ban myself 😉 ). I definitely have enough clothing to see me through the days so I think a few self-imposed months without buying anything new definitely does me some good, and of course the bank balance which will help me to achieve some of my other goals for the year!

I also sent off my first email about the Fashion Revolution to the local designers Totty Rocks, unfortunately I haven’t heard anything back yet so I am going to follow up on that this week and do my other item – I have chosen two coats interestingly – not sure why, I guess because at the time I got these I couldn’t see many ethical alternatives that looked like they would cope with weather and be nice enough I would want to wear them. I got my Totty Rocks red mac made to measure in 2011 as a treat for having completed my MSc and I got my Joules wax jacket in 2010 so both are staples in my wardrobe. I will let you know what I hear back, the nice thing about Totty Rocks is that because their shop is in the city I can just pop in and see the lass who actually stitched my coat together 🙂

This month I am going to be taking a look at how to dispose of clothing, namely bras as I have had no idea what to do with them until I went to an express Pilates class!


6 thoughts on “A Big Fat Zero – February Challenge Completed”

  1. Oh, well done!

    I bought one of those Finisterre hoodie tops in February – which I love. It is very comfortable, cosy and close fitting for running but also a nice enough cut to wear with a jeans and teeshirt on casual days (once washed of course!). I would definitely recommend them. I also invested in a new rain coat: it’s organic cotton and yellow – not normally my colour but I have recently taken up cycling again and cycling around London at dusk can be pretty scary!

    1. Ooh lovely, I might have to splash out on one later in the year. I really like Finisterre’s merino dresses, I am hoping they make the stripey one they made last year. I actually like the sound of the raincoat too, I like yellow raincoats. I can only imagine how scary cycling in London can be! Edinburgh is incredibly quiet in comparison I bet. Having said that I adore cycling around the city, it feels really free – if that makes any sense. 🙂

  2. Well, you did way better than I did! I’m still behind on my Feb goal although I’ve been poking around doing research for it buuut I haven’t even started for my March goal. I’m hoping to knock the Feb goal out this weekend!

    1. February flew past this year! I think I managed to do this goal purely by chance. 🙂 Looking forward to your post, there is so much to think about with that one and loads of research.

  3. Well done with the challenge so far. I tend to find I have to buy almost all ethical fashion online as there is hardly any choice available in local shops. Great to have somewhere to buy clothes that are actually made locally.

    1. Thanks, I am trying to stop my buy, buy, buy, buy mentality that I seem to have developed! I am pretty lucky there are a couple of ethical clothing shops in the city and bizarrely in the town where my parents live. The Edinburgh designers Totty Rocks are brilliant, I adore my bright red mac and am coveting their high waisted green checked trousers 🙂 I keep thinking that I want to shop in these places as these are the places that make everywhere different.

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