End of An Era

So Sunday was the last lesson with my instructor. It was a lovely lesson, everyone else jumped except myself (I haven’t seen Td jump so unsurprisingly I was nervous), we did some pole work and I got some good canters in. One of the horses, Am, was jumping big but her rider sat beautifully – I reckon that she is on her way to being a showjumper!
We had another instructor watching our lesson, she taught my old instructor so if she can get me to be even a 100th as good as my old instructor I would be impressed and ecstatic!

I always enjoy riding Td and at the end I even took a “selfie” (see below). I was inspired by my mate whoΒ  got a much better one of her and Ct last week.

As this is the end of one part of my horse riding story and the start of a new chapter I thought I would just write a few things down (out of the possible million things) that I will always be grateful to my instructor for:

  • my balance on horse back, I can safely say that this has improved beyond my imagination
  • her ability to push me through my nerves while never making me feel stupid for having them
  • for getting my confidence up to gallop on a beach and enjoy it
  • for making me understand horse riding is a partnership
  • for helping me to accept I will do things wrong, fluff things up and it is better to laugh and move on than dwell on these incidents
  • for managing to get me from a point where I was ready to give it all up to a point where I feel ready for a horse onloan

So thanks to Pam Gray, for over 3 years she has been my instructor and I wish her all the best in whatever she does. If you ever get the chance to be taught by her you are incredibly lucky and should grab the opportunity. It will be impossible to replace her, let’s see what Sunday brings.

Close up of Td and Me
Selfie time!

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