The One where I get a Bit Down

A quick horse-y update today. I got a lift to the stables today which was handy as I haven’t been feeling great this weekend and the idea of cycling or sitting on a bus for a hour were not appealing. When I arrived I was asked to stand with Td as work was being done on the stables and I was just to keep an eye on him, as I chatted to him and my classmate (there were only two of us in the lesson today) it occurred to me that it was quite quiet at the stables. I reckon the weather and just circumstances meant that the stables were quieter than usual and with the fog it seemed even quieter – does that make sense? Probably not 🙂

Anyway it turns out that the stable owner will be teaching us from now on, it was an interesting class although I was a bit down when she said I wasn’t as advanced a rider as my classmate – which is probably totally true but I just thought “you don’t know me well if you think that won’t make me down” especially when I have been riding a while. So again it was about lack of activity for me, need to concentrate on getting Td moving on, and again the whole balance, even distribution of weight which I clearly still don’t have. I feel like carrying a sign saying it used to be worse!! Ha ha. We did a lot of work in walk and trot, in fact yet another week without canter but do you know what I am okay with that as long as I feel like I learn something each week.

In trot we focused on me rising on the balls of my feet, even weight distribution and keeping my arms elastic with elbows at the side. I also found another moment of ‘oh, that’s cool’ when I did weight transfer of my hips only – not my shoulders – and Td responded by curving in a better circle shape and staying out more. I was also getting shown to keep my hands further apart, hip-width that was really tough as I have not ridden like that before. At times I felt like I lost control but that’s probably because I let my arms go stiff, man there was so much to think about.

I got a better trot from Td at the end, and I think that was due to my body and weight being better distributed and not bothering him so much in a way. He felt much lighter at the end of my reins by the end and I had decided to give myself homework by getting my swiss ball blown up and trying to even distribute my weight in my feet even while watching the TV etc. I did feel more secure by the end of the lesson and much as Td is a great horse I felt like I had been working him as well as me! That was quite cool. I think it will be about trying to combine my old knowledge with the new knowledge, pretty much the same things are being said – I just need to work on them and chill out a bit! Honestly I did tense up a little in the lesson and it didn’t feel as enjoyable as my old lessons but that’s the thing about a change, it doesn’t always go as smoothly as you might hope but you should persevere.



9 thoughts on “The One where I get a Bit Down”

    1. But we do keep improving and that’s the most important thing! 🙂 Plus it is loads of fun too!

  1. Hello 🙂 I meant to comment on this at the time and I’m sorry that I didn’t. Your most recent post has brought me back here, and I’ll leave a longer comment there, but there’s one thing I wanted to say with reference to this post in particular:
    If that’s really what the instructor said – that you’re not as advanced as your lesson-mate – I’d have dismounted and walked out. How dare they be so rude? It may be true, but there are many other ways to deliver that message and it feels like this person is lacking some very basic people skills (not to mention client retention skills!) if that’s what they said. It’s just inappropriate! There could be a million reasons why you’re choosing to ride in that class or have been given the opportunity to ride in that class previously, and the instructor should focus on what you need rather than what they want to say. Fine, if they want to say that in their head, but it’s then their job to help you achieve your goals, rather than to deliver unhelpful criticism (constructive criticism is, I’m sure, something you expect).
    I’m angry on your behalf! But I’m now going to attempt to deliver a calm, helpful comment on your other post, because I think you need a hug and a pep talk 🙂

    1. Thanks for this comment, do you know other people have said they are surprised I didn’t say anything but I sometimes think that I am over reacting when I feel like that. It is nice to hear that I wasn’t and I’m not going to let it happen again! However, the same woman was very nice when I was upset on Sunday so she is nothing if not contrary! Thanks for the pep talk as well, it has helped.

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