A Quarter – full Lesson

It has been (just) over a week since I last posted and part of that is down to the fact that last week I just felt like I had nothing to post about. I tried running for four miles a week past Sunday and it felt slow and laboured – my drama queen tendencies shone through as I felt in pain throughout my run, convinced I would have to call Mr Inelegant Horse Rider to pick me up or flag down a bemused motorist. The physio I saw during April  has given me exercises to build up my non-existent arse muscles to help my stability and strength but I haven’t done them. What I do do is I whinge and moan about pain when I run – hmmm something here isn’t right. A week past Monday I went for a walk/run with a mate who I am helping run a 5k and my ankle hurt, so I got frustrated at myself and my body sound familiar – oh yeah I have been writing about horse riding making me feel the same. Horse riding and running two of my hobbies frustrating the hell out of me at the minute, so what to do? Continue reading “A Quarter – full Lesson”


April Check In

January feels like a looonnnggg time ago (horse riding wise last month feels like a lifetime ago – you know, when I used to actually ride a horse 🙂 ).In January I wrote about some things I wanted to try and do this year. Given that we are four months in I thought I would check in with them. In previous years I have made my lists then forgotten about them until December, hopefully if I review my progress on the blog maybe I will remember to do them – that’s the plan anyway. Continue reading “April Check In”

A frustrating Sunday

*sigh* So I did it again, ended up in tears, had to leave the riding school to wash my face at the loos and just have some time out before coming back in. This is now getting quite, quite boring and I imagine that’s true for the girls in my class – they are lovely and very supportive of my nerves. There was nothing that Am did that seem to have massively affect me but the whole lesson felt off and wrong, I couldn’t get her moving and she felt irritated by me throughout. But in my new headspace of trying to focus on the positives I will give the couple that I can think of:

  • I did do some nice leg yielding on Am
  • Got a lovely trot by then end

I very nearly felt ready to give up it all! I did try to cancel my lesson for next week but the girls and the new instructor talked me out of it. After lots of chat (again thanks to everyone) I have decided to work out a way to try and stop my nerves growing, instead what I might try is to walk in circles and leg yield rather than just get in my own head, take some time out from the lesson rather than focus on what I am going to try to do. Apparently I will be riding Td or Tx next week, which might help but it frustrates me with Am as I have never had an issue with her before. But I am still focusing on the fact that I CAN ride, I know I CAN ride and I ENJOY it. Bring it on next weekend, better news then 🙂

March Challenge – Not Completed

A confession to start with, the reason there was no March challenge post during March – I didn’t manage to achieve any of my challenges. I did send a Tweet to Joules Clothing for Fashion Revolution asking who had made my wax jacket that I have had for four years, as yet no response. I will ask them again this week as they should be able to tell me that information. I chose Joules as it is a company that brands itself as quintessentially British and specifically British countryside but none of the clothing I have from them is British. I stopped buying from them a few years back as I just don’t like juxtaposition of the advertising and the fact that the clothes are made in the same locations as most other high street brands. Continue reading “March Challenge – Not Completed”

Monday Blues – Not if You Wore One of These

Happy Monday everyone, a brief post about 2 wheels rather than 4 legs. It is raining here in Edinburgh and while it is at least bright it isn’t the greatest start to Monday but look what I found!

image of capelet from dayglo doris
50s Style Hi-Viz

This is sure to brighten up any commute and the company have another style which is more of a swing jacket both made in the UK. I just thought these were cute and quirky, a different way to do Hi-Viz. They are available direct from www.dayglowdoris.co.uk   or from www.cyclechic.co.uk/ but I warn you there are a fair few things on that site that you may covet!

Happy cycling everyone 🙂


Td and I Decide to Do Badminton

Don’t worry i am only kidding. So today I arrived at the stables a new confident rider who rode incredibly well…hmmm not so much but baby steps and we will get there. I had my first private lesson with the stable owner and it went pretty well. Annie from cumbrian heavy horses had said to think more about my instructor leaving as a chance for me to take control more, and that my previous instructor has got me to a fabulous undreamt of place and now I need to take it forward. Continue reading “Td and I Decide to Do Badminton”

Positivity, positivity, positivity

Okay so now that the inspired title has grabbed your attention it is just a short post to say thanks for the positive messages I have had from fellow bloggers and other horse-y folk. I think sometimes I am critical and harsher on myself than I ever am on others and I doubt I am alone in this. The post by Sparrowgrass has made me realise that I am doing myself no favours by looking around and comparing myself to other riders or expecting things from myself that simply won’t happen. I also had a lovely phone call with Annie from Cumbrian Heavy Horses (I finally booked my holiday but more on that in a different post) and she told me to stop framing everything I say about my horse riding with doubt or negativity – such as ‘oh no I can’t do that’ instead think that ‘I can do that’, apparently I am a competent rider (who knew? 😉 ) I just lack confidence in my abilities. Instead of letting my panic overwhelm me when something happens start to devise coping mechanisms – she suggested that I ask my instructor to allow me to take five minutes and walk around on a long rein if I feel the panic starting to rise so I will suggest that later this week. It won’t be easy and I probably won’t have everything go my way and I will get downhearted again but I won’t take it as a complete failure.

So I just wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you to those who have managed to turn around a relatively down hearted rider on Sunday night into someone who cannot wait to get back on a horse!