Positivity, positivity, positivity

Okay so now that the inspired title has grabbed your attention it is just a short post to say thanks for the positive messages I have had from fellow bloggers and other horse-y folk. I think sometimes I am critical and harsher on myself than I ever am on others and I doubt I am alone in this. The post by Sparrowgrass has made me realise that I am doing myself no favours by looking around and comparing myself to other riders or expecting things from myself that simply won’t happen. I also had a lovely phone call with Annie from Cumbrian Heavy Horses (I finally booked my holiday but more on that in a different post) and she told me to stop framing everything I say about my horse riding with doubt or negativity – such as ‘oh no I can’t do that’ instead think that ‘I can do that’, apparently I am a competent rider (who knew? πŸ˜‰ ) I just lack confidence in my abilities. Instead of letting my panic overwhelm me when something happens start to devise coping mechanisms – she suggested that I ask my instructor to allow me to take five minutes and walk around on a long rein if I feel the panic starting to rise so I will suggest that later this week. It won’t be easy and I probably won’t have everything go my way and I will get downhearted again but I won’t take it as a complete failure.

So I just wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you to those who have managed to turn around a relatively down hearted rider on Sunday night into someone who cannot wait to get back on a horse!


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