April Check In

January feels like a looonnnggg time ago (horse riding wise last month feels like a lifetime ago – you know, when I used to actually ride a horse ๐Ÿ™‚ ).In January I wrote about some things I wanted to try and do this year. Given that we are four months in I thought I would check in with them. In previous years I have made my lists then forgotten about them until December, hopefully if I review my progress on the blog maybe I will remember to do them – that’s the plan anyway.

  • I would like to try a “buy nothing” week where all I buy is food and even then keep that to a minimum – in the idea of not wasting food not dieting, I don’t do dieting. –ย so far on this front I haven’t been doing very well at all. I am still wasting food and eating pretty unhealthily including eating out a lot or getting takeaway. I think I will aim to try and do this in May, building up to it by cooking more and using up leftovers.
  • I want to do a cycle holiday – preferably somewhere in Scotland not sure where although the West coast could be good. – nothing booked yet but I have decided to cycle at least part of the way to the Lake District this year and I am working hard on convincing Mr Inelegant Horse Rider that we need to head out on the bikes somewhere. Although to be fair to him he only has mountain bikes while I have a cyclo cross bike so the speed difference on roads is a tad unfair on him ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I would like to learn to swim properly, I really enjoy it but I do need lessons to be able to swim properly.ย – no progress whatsoever!! In fact I don’t think I have even been swimming this year.
  • I would like to do another riding holiday, I have my eye on a Cumbrian Heavy Horses Central Lakes ride.ย – Well the Central Lakes ride was a bit too expensive for me this year so instead I have booked to go down on the 14th/15th of June. On the Saturday it will be a hands on day, working on the yard and riding a couple of horses to see who I click with best. Then Sunday up bright and early to box down to the beach to ride out and gallop back. I am looking forward to it, even better a couple of my riding buddies are joining me! I love riding with Annie and her team (see last year’s review here). It will be a great experience and I hope to learn loads.
  • Fashion-wise I am keen to find my style again and to keep the WWC as an ongoing tenet through my purchasing. In this vein I am going to do another post with my 12 month-to-month ethical, sustainable challenges this year.ย – it is going okay on this front. I am spending some time this month sorting out anything I need to mend and I am going to go crazy with a needle and thread shortly. I have also been working on figuring out my style, just now I am loving wearing anything I can cycle in ๐Ÿ™‚ I got a couple of lovely dresses to wear with leggings that should also work with the bike.ย 
  • I would like to try bouldering – I used to rock climb to help with my vertigo but I have been inspired again by a guest post onย spikesandheels.comย – I have been once and really enjoyed it, we plan to head again shortly. My arms ached and tired pretty quickly but it was fun.
  • I would like to gain more confidence in my riding and handling of horses.ย – I think this was happening but I have slipped a little recently, I think the trip to Cumbrian Heavy Horses should help with this. I was also thinking that I have to work on making sure I trust my confidence in my riding and not simply trust the instructor. I am beginning to wonder that I leant a bit too heavily on my previous instructor ย i.e. I had confidence in my instructor’s confidence in me but not in myself (does that make sense?) and that isn’t a good thing. So I am working on this, yesterday’s lesson was an improvement on last week but not back to normal yet. Plus points were recognising my fear and going on the other rein to work on leg yielding rather than risk feeling out of control and I had a brief canter after the warm up so I didn’t spend time worrying about it all. Frustrating points would be not riding Td to the best of his and my abilities. Still right direction at least ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I would like to improve my control of a horse through the “feelages”ย – again I was learning more before my nerves kicked in but actually thinking about “feelages” and how my body and hands affect the horse is a good way to deal with my nerves.
  • I would like to gallop on a beach again (and through the stubble fields)ย – this will happen, oh yes this will happen ๐Ÿ™‚

So actually not too shabby a year so far! There are some other challenges I have signed up for that I will chat through on the blog but I am going to keep a check on these challenges throughout the year, I might not have a horse on loan yet but hey there are still 8 months left and the possibility of a clydesdale or shire horse coming North ๐Ÿ™‚


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