A Friday Musing

So I have frequently spoken about my nerves when horse riding on this blog and I thought it might be worth exploring what I consider a nervous rider to be. I think I might have always had this mix of desperately wanting to ride horses as a child and also being a little worried once up there. My vivid memory of riding when I was wee (reckon around six or seven) was when the saddle slipped on the Shetland pony I was on and we took off around the school with my saddle at an incredibly jaunty angle 🙂 Apparently I was happy to go back the next week, I think my dad who got to watch that episode wasn’t as keen! I stopped riding there after a while and it wasn’t until I was eleven that I rode again, at a different stables. I learnt to do a bit of canter work and was happy pottering around – I remember my favourite ponies being called Merlin and Aztec. Continue reading “A Friday Musing”


Well, that was more fun!

This weekend I have a quick, shockingly more positive than of late horse-y update! I went for a hack with one of my riding buddies on Saturday at a different stables. And do you know what I had fun! That’s not to say my nerves have receded that much, I did have a couple of nervy moments but my overall feeling was one of ‘I enjoyed that’ and given how rubbish I have been feeling after riding recently I am taking that and running with it 🙂 Continue reading “Well, that was more fun!”

Remember when I enjoyed riding??

Oh for crying out loud. Today the riding did not go well, I did manage to voluntarily dismount while Td was moving and just essentially gave up. I got back on about ten minutes later and did a bit of walking around but frankly feeling quite a lot like giving up for a while. Ho hum, could rename the blog  the Inelegant Cyclist?? Just being a melodramatic fool but there it is. A different instructor and I really didn’t click with her at all but this one is all on me, not on anyone else or on Td – just cannot see how I can hack next week and enjoy it. Some positive mantras in the mirror?? Continue reading “Remember when I enjoyed riding??”

Dreaming of cantering

I rode on Saturday this weekend as I was on cheering duty at the Glasgow Women’s 10k having decided earlier in the week that running it was not a sensible idea, I doubt I would have got round in any time that would have made me feel happy. Also oddly enough since Wednesday I have had burning pain in the balls of my feet, worse in the morning but persistent throughout the day – I literally have no idea what could have caused it but doing the old ‘rest and ice’ seems to be helping, but there’s only so much rest a girl can do before she starts to shop online for horses so off I pootled to the stables yesterday. Continue reading “Dreaming of cantering”

April Challenge – Completed!

In April I took part in Fashion Revolution Day on the 24th (the 1st anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh that killed 1,138 and injured many, many more). Fashion Revolution Day is designed to “bring everyone in the fashion value chain together and help to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future.” This was one of my challenges that I was particularly keen to do and that I hoped would help show a change, however small in the industry and this year the focus was on transparency in the supply chain – something I feel is lacking for most companies. I deliberately didn’t choose an item from one of the more ethical and sustainable companies I buy from as I felt it would be more interesting to hear what a high street brand had to say. I chose my brown wax jacket from Joules which I have had for a few years now.
Tweet on Fashion Revolution Day

Continue reading “April Challenge – Completed!”