April Challenge – Completed!

In April I took part in Fashion Revolution Day on the 24th (the 1st anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh that killed 1,138 and injured many, many more). Fashion Revolution Day is designed to “bring everyone in the fashion value chain together and help to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future.” This was one of my challenges that I was particularly keen to do and that I hoped would help show a change, however small in the industry and this year the focus was on transparency in the supply chain – something I feel is lacking for most companies. I deliberately didn’t choose an item from one of the more ethical and sustainable companies I buy from as I felt it would be more interesting to hear what a high street brand had to say. I chose my brown wax jacket from Joules which I have had for a few years now.
Tweet on Fashion Revolution Day

Well they had nothing to say! I have heard nothing from Joules at all. I am pretty disappointed. BUT I haven’t given up, I am going to follow up with an email and see if that gets me any further. I am sure that they get many tweets each day but I was really hopeful that there would have been a fair few Fashion Revolution – who made my clothes? tweets sent to them and they would have responded even if just to say they would look into it. While I might not know who made my jacket yet I still love it and think it looks just as good inside out.

Yesterday I was inspired by Franca over on Oranges and Apples and her beautiful blouse that she made herself but I am having to remind myself  that I do not posses any skill with a needle and thread and need to start smaller. I managed to finally hem one of my pairs of jodhpurs in April – and while it is currently just hand stitched I am planning on a visit to my parents to borrow my mum’s sewing machine. I have a few more items to sew and a small hole has appeared in a new pair of exercise leggings that my mum kindly bought me so I will try to mend that as well. I am also planning to try and darn a grey wooly jumper that has a couple of holes in it, I wasn’t sure how to do it as it is a fine knit jumper – but I have been following Redressed on Instagram and last month was their mending month in their 12 month challenge and there were a fair few visible mends. I thought that this would actual look really pretty cool on the jumper using a contrast colour, I may as well try as I can’t currently wear the jumper at all!

In April I had also planned on writing a review of the book Stitched Up: the anti-capitalist book of fashion written by Tansy Hoskins, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I then read this wonderful review by the lovely Emma Waight on Adore Reflect Sustain and realised she has written the review that I wish I could! So please head over, give it a read, buy the book and enjoy!

May has already included a clothes swap party where I bagged these 3 lovely items (the jacket is exactly what I was looking for). There is also a talk on 1940s fashion coming up, along with a vintage sale afterwards then a session on 1940s hair and makeup – it should be fun!
Jacket, cardigan and top from clothes swap

Toggle detail of jacket

I am currently reading The Girls’ Bicycle Handbook by Caz Nicklin which I will review, I promise. Unfortunately it is currently making me create huge lists of bike items I covet, including:

  •  A bright yellow bobbin bike
  • A Good Ordering Pannier
  • A Georgia in Dublin coat – it says for horse riding too so surely this is an investment right??
Orange Georgia in Dublin Dublette Jacket
Maybe not in orange but this is an awesome jacket! Waterproof and quirky – I adore it.
  • 2 new helmets
  • A water bottle
  • A pair of Howies Uptown chinos

Hmmm I think I will have to have a word with that little consumer lurking inside me, she seems to have spent all my wages for months to come 🙂


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