Dreaming of cantering

I rode on Saturday this weekend as I was on cheering duty at the Glasgow Women’s 10k having decided earlier in the week that running it was not a sensible idea, I doubt I would have got round in any time that would have made me feel happy. Also oddly enough since Wednesday I have had burning pain in the balls of my feet, worse in the morning but persistent throughout the day – I literally have no idea what could have caused it but doing the old ‘rest and ice’ seems to be helping, but there’s only so much rest a girl can do before she starts to shop online for horses so off I pootled to the stables yesterday.

It was an interesting lesson as I was feeling much more comfortable on Td, I think they are going to continue to give me Td until I ask them to stop – I love him but a shot on Tx would be fab. I actually arrived early at the stables and after chatting to folk I went to see an indifferent as always Td then snuck round to say hiya to the wee dude Tx. I haven’t even been able to check in on him of late as he is usually in the lesson before ours on a Sunday then gets taken to his “weekend” field by the time we come out. He did his usual leaning against you and snuffling around while I gave him a scratch, I really miss riding him actually. I guess that as he is so good with the kids it is unlikely I will have him again. I am hoping we might be able to get a hack sorted and that I can request him. One of the helpers is happy to take us for hacks on a Saturday so I think we might arrange one soon, the horses seem to love them as well.

The lesson itself passed very quickly with a lot of focus on my stiffness. It was a little irritating that the owner of the stables came in to the lesson as well as the instructor (this instructor was covering for the usual Saturday one so I can understand why she did it), this meant that quite often there were two people trying to teach and focusing in on different things and at times that confused me. There is also some negative aspects of the owner’s teaching, things along the lines “now I know you were taught x” or “this has happened because you always hacked” and this is a little frustrating as she has actually never asked me about my experiences prior to moving to her stables and also I would prefer to focus on the here and now. It doesn’t matter why I started doing something let’s work out how to change it and why I should change it! She tries to be positive at the end of a lesson but sometimes a drip feed of negative statements is what I remember not the fact that I started to get something. The fact that the return of my nerves has actually contributed a lot to my positioning problems means that I realise she never saw the progress I had made only the rider in front of her who isn’t where she feels I should be, I certainly don’t feel she would be willingly to talk about me loaning one of her horses.

We didn’t get to canter, again, and this is also beginning to bother me only due to the fact that this means I am not practising my balance in a faster gait. It feels like we run out of time a lot or there is so much focus on a particular aspect the lesson is nearly up and we can’t all get to canter. Hopefully the girls got to canter this week and that next week there will be some canter work as last thing I want is to get nervous about canter.

Phew, reading that back it all looks a bit negative so let’s have some positivies:

  • I was getting a lovely trot from Td, nice and forward going
  • I actually had to check him from cantering, this is brilliant for me as he used to always try to canter but lately I haven’t felt that activity coming from him – yesterday I did and I think it was because I felt more confident
  • He was halting beautifully especially on the circles
  • My arms were definitely relaxing more by the end and I have learnt a new trick to try and relax them by pushing them down and up like on a washboard rather than back and forth.
  • When Td tried to follow other horses I manage to catch him and bring him out to the line I wanted using my body and inside leg
  • I felt secure, pretty relaxed and enjoyed myself, I actually wanted to canter him.
  • he spooked slightly and it didn’t unbalance me

So that’s a lot of positives too. πŸ™‚ I am clearly still adjusting to the change in teaching styles, I miss my old riding instructor quite a lot at these times but there is nothing I can do about that. I still enjoy riding at the stables it is just….different.

After the lesson I stayed and groomed Td for a while, he seemed perfectly content to let me try and de-hair him a little. I am sure I will wear him down eventually and he will be at least slightly happy to see me!

On a different note I haven’t yet written about my experience at a trekking place we went to last week. It was pretty positive for me as it helped me with my nerves in my usual lessons as it reminded me of how much I am taught at my current stables that isn’t just about riding. I will put a review up sometime soon, still trying to word it correctly!


2 thoughts on “Dreaming of cantering”

  1. Keep building that confidence again Steph! Sounds like you and Td were really connecting on Sat πŸ™‚

    We missed you yest! We were mixed again on the horses which I am now beginning to realise is a good idea for me, as I was getting far to used to my fav boy and need to work on being able to ride all different styles! I was on B and came away feeling really frustrated at my lack of a) bending him and b) keeping him out. I dont think i hit the outside track once!! We got to canter though which is good, glad it was back in!! I only cantered B on the right reign as i couldn’t get him bending properly on the left so opted to not canter as there would of been no point! seem to have lost the ability to steer…! i miss Ct and i miss our old intstructor too! But on a positive note, i do really like our new instructor, she gives us one-on-one time when we are struggling and she is very good at the positives!! She is off on sunday so we have someone else, but said will hack us the week after!!! yeeaaahhhhh!!! cant wait to go on a safe hack rather than the ‘heart in mouth’ fear ack from the trekking place! get that review up….looking forward to reading it!!! JAH x

    1. Ha ha you only miss me because I cause mayhem and drama πŸ™‚ I reckon you did much better with B than you think,he is a tricky horse to ride especially getting him to be bend correctly. Awww I need a canter, last time I cantered wasn’t at our stables!
      I like our new instructor on a Sunday too, she is very encouraging and definitely picks up on when a bit of one-on-one would benefit someone. Oh yippee so pleased you got her to agree to a hack, although don’t say safe hack too soon – apparently the horses are pretty happy to be out and about, so I heard!! If you and Gemma are on B & Ct I really don’t think Heather and I will see you for dust!
      If only I had pictures from that hack πŸ™‚ See you Sunday!! x

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