Well, that was more fun!

This weekend I have a quick, shockingly more positive than of late horse-y update! I went for a hack with one of my riding buddies on Saturday at a different stables. And do you know what I had fun! That’s not to say my nerves have receded that much, I did have a couple of nervy moments but my overall feeling was one of ‘I enjoyed that’ and given how rubbish I have been feeling after riding recently I am taking that and running with it 🙂

I chose not to canter, opting instead to go for some trots with one of the instructors. My pony was a really fast walker, she was a driving pony first and has an extended gait so I was lead file and powering away! I haven’t been lead file for ages and it made me nervous initially until I realised that she just wanted to have some space and stride out, she halted when I asked and slowed if I needed her to. We led a trot along one of the paths with me choosing when to stop, a small thing perhaps but it felt good. At one point we were down on the beach and since this is something the horses do all the time it didn’t have the frenzied feel you sometimes get when a horse puts it foot on the sand, that was nice. I did freeze when my horse suddenly trotted off after another horse but the instructor was very nice and just told me remember to breathe and to wriggle my hands and wrist to help relax me, and do you know what – once I did that my pony responded perfectly. Just goes to show that when my nerves take over I tense up and don’t actually give the horse any form of instruction!

The instructors were both very nice, the one who was with me for the trotting chatted away about nerves in a non-judgemental manner and spotted when I tensed up telling me to breathe and relax, that I was fine and every so often reminding me that I can ride. It was a nice touch after last week.

My pony was very sweet natured, she looked after me very well (she is a grandmother!!) and stood contentedly afterwards as I groomed her and made a bit of a fuss over her. So an enjoyable if nervy experience, and I am heading back next week. I liked the fact that I didn’t feel under so much pressure (all put on me by myself but it has still limited my enjoyment), one of the instructors actually did mention that by having lessons , putting myself under pressure and then getting frustrated  when things weren’t going right she wasn’t surprised I had started to feel down about my riding. The countryside we rode through was beautiful and there were great views, the horses were well cared for and seemed happy to respond to what the rider asked for. The people who did canter seemed to have a great time, a wee piebald cob was having the time of his life on the beach! Even the trot on the beach blew away the cobwebs and was a great way to start the weekend 🙂

I decided not to hack today at my regular stables, partly a financial decision but also the nerves played a part. I am still 100% committed to riding there I just feel like I need to do something to take the pressure away from me. Some lovely people commented on my last post about doing groundwork and that;s something I definitely want to investigate, I really enjoyed grooming and just chilling out with the ponies after the ride on Saturday. 3 weeks and I will be down in the Lakes at Cumbrian Heavy Horses!!! I am getting excited already, need a video camera for the beach ride – reeeaaalllllyyy want a gopro, you can even mount them to your chest. That would make for a brilliant video!


7 thoughts on “Well, that was more fun!”

  1. YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Glad you enjoyed it chick! Heather told me all about it….i wish i could join you guys on sat but im getting my hair done! booo! Let me know when you next book in and i will join you 🙂

    Sunday we went out for a hack and it was great! I was on Td (only second time on him) and by god he can move Steph! He did his usual fighting to get to the front, after the first canter we were so far up B’s ass, I was allowed to take the lead. As soon as he was in front he was a Gem. We lead a lovely controlled second canter and he happily took us home. Our instructor was lovely and enjoyed taking us out which was good. She can’t make it next sunday so you may want to cancel as not sure who is taking the class! I have opted to not go after what happened the other weekend x

    1. That’s my boy, he loves to run up horses’ arses – he kept body slamming P on one hack then wiped his nose on P’s arse, bit embarrassing as I didn’t know P’s rider! Speedy little Td, can you believe I actually missed riding him yesterday? Oh that sounds like a fun hack, I am so pleased that it was a nice experience. I am definitely wanting to hack at the regular place sometime soon. If I got Tx I would be made up!!
      I reckon you would really like the other place, it was nice to just not feel like I was riding below my normal level. Currently I almost feel like I am waiting for my nerves to strike – which obviously then makes my nerves strike! Lol. I can’t ride on Sundays until after I am back from Cumbria, but yeah I would be of the same opinion as you if Kim isn’t around. Why not try out the other place on Sunday??? ☺

  2. Kim was great – im not used to Td so when he was up Bs ass i got a bit tense. You never know what the horses will do when cantering up each others butt! too close for comfort for me – espec when something might spook them and ends up with a hoof in the face. Kim could tell i was tense and was telling me to relax, wiggling my arms out etc and it made all the difference. Was great she trusted me to lead the hack too – i still cant believe the speed of Td! He was a good three strides ahead of Kim on Ct!

    I am going to take this weekend off – money wise and would like to spend some time with my nephews. Dont often get to see them on a sunday. will defo try the other place with you girls – more fun going with your riding buddies than alone!! x

    1. Td is an idiot when out and about so I think you did brilliantly, that would be enough to make anyone tense. It is amazing the difference the wiggling your arms makes isn’t it? Are you a Td convert then? ☺ It actually sounds like a fun hack to me, with that lovely benefit of hindsight wish I could have made it. Next time I will be there!! Except I can’t have Td at the front ☹ I don’t know my left from my right so I keep going the wrong way!
      Have an ace non-horse-y weekend and will catch up soon. We have to arrange the date for the next Cumbrian Heavy Horses trip too, swear you would love it! x

  3. Haha yeh Td was great – would be more than happy to have him again. Yeh Kim did have to remind me on several occassions to check the rest of the ride was stil there….was off in my own wee world, rather than checking Jb and Am weren’t trailing, woops. Not used to being up the front, need to be on full alert. We were so lucky with the weather, the heavens opened afterwards its would of been a scary ride home. I was nearly in tears driving back could barely see out the window!

    Have a fantastic ride on sat at the other place and enjoy sunday if you go! Defo up for trying the other place and Cumbrian – gutted the date in june doesnt work with my holiday the next day….! See u next week x

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