Just a common or garden cyclist

A short post. Just an opinion piece again. This time on the “tribes” that seem to be competing for my attention in cycling. I am a firm believer in a one thing (related to cycling), to be a ladylike cyclist you only need 3 things:

  • a bike
  • to be able to ride your bike
  • to be a lady

that is it. Whatever you choose to wear to ride your bike is your own business, whatever bike you want to ride is your choice, how you carry your belongings on a bike is your choice. Like most cyclists what I wear varies massively depending upon what I am doing 59 miles with a mate I am in my lycra, on my commute I may wear my lycra or I might just wear my work clothes but with a different top to change into when I get to work and when I go to meet friends well that is just what I was going to wear to meet my friends.

I am not “cycle-chic” but equally I don’t mind if you are, that’s cool – I like your style and will chat to you at lights and may overtake you if I need to – same is true of those dressed head to toe in lycra. I guess my point here is that I have no idea why people want to decide that you are one thing or the other, I am just on my bike and I love my bike, sure you love cycling too so why can’t we all just smile. I have taken to complementing people if I like their bike and style, after all it is nice to be nice isn’t it and when I read some comment pieces and just comments in general online it seems like sometimes we forget that. After all I came to road cycling via mountain biking routed through falling while running, I’m not part of a “tribe” just along for the ride!


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