The August Break 2014

This year I am taking part in the August Break. I did it last year, although I joined a little late. I was inspired to join from Franca of Oranges And Apples last year and enjoyed it so much I was keen to sign up again

So what is the August Break? Well it is arranged by Susannah Conway who beautiful blog has lots of stunning pictures on it. It is a community affair with people signing up to take a picture each day throughout August and if you are stuck for inspiration you can use the ideas given for each day – I quite like using them anyway. I will be posting on my Instagram account using the #augustbreak2014, there is a Filckr group as well and of course you can use your blog. I will do the cardinal blogging sin of reposting some of my favourite pictures from Instagram here once a week.

List of prompts for August Break

Last year I loved seeing all the beautiful pictures posted from around the world so I would recommend taking a look or perhaps signing up yourself, she has a blogroll of those involved at:

Hope you like the pictures! Oh and obviously there are likely to be some horse-y inspired ones 🙂


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