A Challenge for Every Month – Trying to catch my tail!

Okay so I haven’t been that organised on this front, I will hold my hands up and say that even though I could pretend that I have been rushed off my feet well it is probably a lie. There have been times when I have been sitting around my flat thinking ‘I could look into…’ then just not doing so. My apologies, as with everyone life sometimes takes over 🙂 Originally I was going to do a long post about the things I have been up to in July to try and get my ethical/sustainable fashion challenges back on track but you lucky, lucky people I have decided to break this post up into three short ones. So first up mending, and some more inspiration!

I have been busily mending things. I have finally hemmed a pair of black trousers for work only to promptly discover the zip keeps opening at random moments, not sure I am up to replacing a zip so I think I might take these to a tailor until then I am simply wearing long tops with them to ensure that my dignity remains intact. I also hemmed some shorts as well and they are looking really nice. I love shorts, and although I have often thought of getting rid of these particular tweed ones or relegating them to Deerstalker wear they keep coming back into rotation. Still left to hem with the wonder that is Wunderweb are a pair of jodhpurs that I have currently just stitched into place and I want to try and patch up some exercise leggings. I also have a jumper that my mother is going to help me darn, she hasn’t been convinced that we can mend this one as she was confident that any darning attempt would be visible so we were thinking of trying a visible re-mend – I think I have mentioned this before. After chatting it through I think my mum is off and running with an idea as she wants to get sequins and bright turquoise wool – sounds pretty cool.

As another bit of inspiration one of our friends has an awesome style all of her own (all our friends have awesome style I hasten to add) but her look is great at festivals and just hanging out in the warm weather lately. She tends to wear sparkly bra tops or crop tops under baggier sleeveless tops tied at the side, she is a lot slimmer than me and don’t worry Edinburgh the sparkly bra tops are unlikely to be worn by me but I like the baggy tshirt tied at the side thing. On that note I thought I would take a large, slightly shapeless tshirt that I was given and see what I can do with it! The ideas on Shirtworks, link below made me think maybe I can try this. So I am going to try option 2.


Next up in the wee blog posts on a challenge for every month series – I am allowed to play with scissors and manage to turn some trousers into shorts. Simple I know but a challenge for me 🙂



2 thoughts on “A Challenge for Every Month – Trying to catch my tail!”

    1. It’s just great that you are feeling better! It has actually been quite fun trying to do a couple of ones last month and this.

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