A Challenge for every month – trying to catch my tail part 2

Part 2 in the ‘I finally feel a little productive’ series, on the evening of the 31st (I do love leaving things to the last minute) I did some very basic upcycling, changing some trousers I no longer wore into shorts. And guess what?? I have pictures, including a terrible photo of my brutally white legs 🙂

picture of trousers
The original trousers
After the first attempt at cutting the trousers
A blurry shot of my first attempts at cutting them off, a little bit too long I think
Newly created shorts
Finally, these look like shorts! That is a good result in my book 🙂

This should have been easier than I made it. The first time I cut the trousers I went pretty wrong, they weren’t even close to the same length and as I had cut them at a narrow point I couldn’t even hem them without cutting the blood supply off to my lower leg. So I went shorter, originally I had thought I would try turnups but the combination of narrowing trouser leg and lots more cycling put paid to that plan so instead I went for a simple hem. Again I made the world’s wiggliest line and had to spend a fair amount of time pinning and re-pinning to get them even but I think it was worth it.

I simply used Wunderweb for the hemming, I don’t have a sewing machine so this recent discovery has made a world of difference to me. Feeling inspired I thought I might dye some harem pants I have from Primark (2nd hand from my mate when she stayed in Egypt and I was visiting) but even though I assumed they were cotton from the feel of them, they are actually polyester and after a quick hunt on Interweb I found out that it was more than likely I would dye the entire of my house and myself before they would get dyed properly plus if instructions start with ‘Take your dye bath’ makes me think not for the novice! Definitely reminded of how I would like to take a closer look at the labels in my wardrobe, what are my clothes actually made from!

The final part of my July catch up is about 2nd hand clothing.


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