My 2014 Goals – A Severe Lack of Progress

I thought about doing this post at the end of June then promptly forgot, so instead it is happening at the end of August and it is slightly daunting as there are only four and a bit months left of the year and a couple of things left on the list. (For a couple please read ‘a lot’).

  • I would like to try a “buy nothing” week – this still hasn’t happened, I think that I will exclude my riding lesson from the “buy nothing” part and then aim to do this in September.
  • I want to do a cycle holiday – with our holidays now mapped out for the remainder of the year I don’t think I will manage to do this as a holiday proper. Instead expect a couple of longer trips written up on the blog and some planning for a proper trip away next Spring.
  • I would like to learn to swim properly – still not even slightly started this one, I want to learn to swim so I am keeping it on the list but I do find it a bit more of a hassle than running or cycling so I doubt I will make it to the pool often. Maybe I should change this to be ‘go swimming once’ 🙂
  • I would like to do another riding holiday – well this one is ticked off at least!
  • Fashion-wise I am keen to find my style again and to keep the WWC as an ongoing tenet through my purchasing – progress on this one, I am feeling more like I have a style (I know others who may disagree) and working out what suits me, what I like and what fits in with what I actually do. I am planning on doing a couple of outfit posts and I have finally joined Pinterest but it is dangerously easy to while away your life on that site!
  • I would like to try bouldering – I reckon I may have to accept I will need to do this alone for a while as my friend who used to rock climb with me found bouldering hurt her back. Once I am back at work I plan on trying to go once a month but it may just turn out that I don’t have time for another hobby.
  • I would like to gain more confidence in my riding and handling of horses – well definite progress since the last check-in. While I lack confidence in my riding and I am not yet back to where I was at the start of the year I am generally more confident around horses which is great. Next stop my own Clydesdale??
  • I would like to improve my control of a horse through the “feelages” – not so much but I am trying to re-introduce it myself and the owner at Seacliff has been trying to get me more aware of this as well.
  • I would like to gallop on a beach again (and through the stubble fields) – a spectacular no on this front. I think my opportunity for this may be disappearing as I didn’t do this during my holiday BUT I do now ride on the beach every couple of weeks so I suppose there is the possibility this may happen. Oh and I hasten to add that I want to choose to gallop, not just be carted off!

Looking at the list it seems, like all great New Year goals, I have dropped the ball with a few of these and also events (read my nerves rearing their ugly head) have stalled some. However, there are four months left and there are all the things I have done that aren’t on the list. I think the “buy nothing” week is the one I am going to target next, I have slightly lost sight on budgeting as the summer has gone on and I am a little disappointed that I seem to have been spending a lot of money each day on food when with a bit of prep that could be stopped. Right off to scour the fridge for dinner.


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