A Small Country Makes Its Mind Up

A quick post and the only one you will see on this subject from me I think. Tomorrow the small country that I call home, Scotland, votes in a referendum – Should Scotland be an Independent country? Now I have my own reasons for voting the way I am going to and I doubt that a post about that would be of much interest, a face to face chat about these matters are always much better but I did want to say something. A lovely thing has occurred in this small country, I have watched people who were previously disengaged and bored of politics start to chat and ask questions. I have watched people question statements made by politicians and go off and do their own research. I had heard and taken part in chats over coffee or a pint ranging from currency and economy to social justice and the future people would like for our country, I might not agree with the conclusions others come to on these matters but I love the fact these conversations are happening. I have had the opportunity to be in the audience of a referendum debate and enjoyed it immensely, we all got to do a little pantomime boo-ing. And for all the politicians rushing up from Westminster or haring off from Holyrood and staging photo-ops there are the people on the streets who are offering leaflets, badges, hats and conversation to everyone. The exchanges I have seen have been well-mannered with a fair amount of banter and smiling, of course there are people who have been rude and aggressive on both sides of the campaigns but these don’t represent all of us. Everyone has their own reasons for voting the way they will and I firmly believe that most people have thought long and hard about this one, it is an amazing thing to be part of and it is truly democratic. I hope we keep this level of engagement regardless of the outcome. Oh and in case you are interested I am voting Yes 🙂


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