Team Bambi Re-enter the Fray – Or How I Started Running Again

A couple of weeks back I ran my first “race” for 15 months. I used the quotes around the word race as it was much more relaxed and fun than you might think when you hear the word race. I hadn’t really trained and really didn’t want to run, I haven’t enjoyed running for the last few months – it has been a chore and I have done everything I can to avoid it.

Trainers on grass
My trainers are awwfy clean for a runner 🙂

I took part in the Roadblock Run in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh. It is a 10k route that takes you up a trail path under the iconic crags then drops you down to the road only for you to run up hill again. We lucked out with a gorgeous blue-sky day and it was apparent really quickly that my long sleeved top under my vest was not needed so it was Team Bambi vests all the way.

Running Around Arthur's Seat
Literally Team Bambi’s back(s)

The Roadblock Run is for the Chest, Heart, Stroke Scotland charity and myself and the other Team Bambi girls have run it a few times now, although last time I was running and taking pictures 🙂 As well as the natural obstacles there are a fair few man made ones with two bounce castles to negotiate, tunnels, hurdles, a foam pit and even a moving van to jump out of – it was a shame as there didn’t seem to be as many obstacles as previous years but they were still fun.

Team bambi crawling through tunnels
Timing is everything for these photos!

I was super chuffed to run most of it, I would say around 7.5km, and I have been back running short distances of 3 or 4 miles ever since. I don’t know if it was running with my running buddies, the sunshine, the obstacles or the awesome costumes of some of the other entrants but that race did rekindle my enjoyment of running. Up next is the Survival of the Fittest 10k in two weeks, it will be harder but I hope to run most of it and more importantly enjoy it all.

Me at the end of run sitting on grass
Do I look chuffed or what?

Thanks to Team Bambi and the crew for the pictures!


4 thoughts on “Team Bambi Re-enter the Fray – Or How I Started Running Again”

  1. Sounds great fun! I’m glad it re-ignited the spark for running. I was doing well till my ankle joint played up again a few weeks back so now I’m going tentatively again rather than full on. I’ve got a race in a fortnight but I suspect that I too shall just view it as a run in company!

    1. That’s bad news about the ankle, take it easy. I am now coming around to accept that running is about the enjoyment not the speed – still find it difficult to stop myself racing off though! Enjoy the race!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I’m like that with swimming, I really want to like but somehow never actually go to the pool. I am now a firm believer in do what you enjoy 🙂 I think I will need luck for survival of the fittest!

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