Lucky Dip Boxes – Cool & Quirky

Lucky dip box
How great is the packaging?

Back in July I got a lucky dip box from the Lucky Dip Club – it is kind of a vintage-y style, grown-up version of those lucky dip bags you used to get as a kid. A pretty cool idea, on the 1st of each month a limited number of themed lucky dip boxes are available to buy (or you can subscribe for various numbers of boxes). Each box comprises of 5 surprise items: a piece of jewellery, an accessory, a stationary item, a diy make and a thoughtful token. One item is also personalised for you which makes it extra special. I really liked the fact that I ordered it on the first of the month and my box arrived around the 20th, a treat for that lull in the month.
The theme of July was Pet Parade and can you guess what animal I chose as my favourite?
If you would like to sign up visit the web page here:Β
I probably wouldn’t buy one every month but I will definitely be buying one again and it has also given me ideas for Christmas presents. I do think that I need to be careful to stop myself from buying things such as this too often, I am embarking on a Buy Nothing month in October (yes, I know I’m not in Australia but it makes me feel international πŸ™‚ ). Not totally buying nothing, food and the basics are still happening I am just trying to stop the incredible drip feed of money that I spend on things that are unnecessary and that I don’t love. I got the idea from the wonderful blog Sustainability in Style. Check out Katie Robert’s blog for a year of wearing what you have, she has also inspired me to do another couple of things with my clothing and style but more on that in another blog. In the meantime check out the goodies I received from the lucky dip box, seriously cute bunny socks alert.

Horses are ace badge
I guess we are in agreement on this??
socks printed with bunnies
Bunny socks! Surely everyone needs bunny socks?
cat shaped gift tags
Cat tags, guess what is going on everyone’s presents at Christmas
A Some Bunny Loves You card
It’s true!
budgie bunting make kit
Made it, it now hangs in our spare room – I like to think it adds charm to a spare room filled with bikes

poodles in a basket necklace


4 thoughts on “Lucky Dip Boxes – Cool & Quirky”

    1. Yeah I am starting to think about new challenges, especially on the buy less front. Looking forward to hearing about your challenge if you decide on one πŸ™‚

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